Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Solutions For Interactive Sales Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales is an impeccable solution for enabling salespersons to develop long-lasting relationships with customers. As a Dynamics 365 Sales user, you can get insights into relevant customer data and take action accordingly. Sales don’t remain a hectic process when you’ve personalized Microsoft Dynamics sales solutions to juggle day-to-day sales activities.

Access Right Data Insights For Seamless Customer Collaboration

Collaborating with customers has always been a hectic task for salespeople. It’s because before selling a product, the entire sales team requires to understand the customers’ demand. Dynamics 365 Sales allows you in getting insights into customer data for productive collaboration within the sales team. Get benefits of using embedded Microsoft Teams chats for real-time collaboration with the sales team through:

  • Uninterrupted Meetings
  • Easy Access to App Records
  • Effortless Team Channel Switching

Mobile-friendly Interface To Juggle Everyday Sales Tasks With Easy

No matter wherever you are, handling your day-to-day tasks is smooth with the mobile-friendly interface of Dynamics 365 sales. Besides that, you get the advantage of creating and updating records in mobile-optimized forms within eyes’ blink. Some other advantages of the mobile-friendly structure of Microsoft Dynamics Sales are:

  • Options for quick scanning of upcoming meetings, recent contacts, and real-time notifications for enhanced customer engagement
  • AI-generated reminders to join Teams meetings from a single meeting card
  • Benefits of capturing notes smoothly through voice-to-text or smartphone cameras

Streamline Sales Through Remote Customer Collaboration

Don’t let the sales cycle irritate you. Make it shorter with a single workspace that includes everything for engaging with the right customers to maximize productivity. Enjoy the benefits of a coordinated virtual environment to collaborate with customers and colleagues simultaneously. Other good things about remote customer collaboration include:

  • Achievable sales activities with AI and predictive scoring systems
  • Innovative AI-powered chatbots for empathetic communication with customers
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice for understanding customer point of view

Build Strong Customer Relationships With Personalized Interactions

Customer loyalty is extremely essential for creating a powerful sales funnel. Dynamics 365 solution offers information related to customers’ LinkedIn and relationships analytics to ensure better customer experiences. View recommended leads and explore mutual connections for hassle-free communication with potential customers. Deliver consistent sales experiences through LinkedIn Sales Navigator by Microsoft 365.

  • Engage customers effectively
  • Recognize customers who require attention
  • Experience interactions in a unified way

Skyrocket Seller Productivity With Automated Sales And Marketing Processes

Automate new records related to contacts, meetings and tasks with relevant suggestions. Easily connect your activities with a common platform for optimizing marketing ROI and efficiencies. Switch apps hassle-free for extracting maximum contextual sales data. Some other pros of Microsoft sales are as follows:

  • Intuitive and personalized workspace to view deals
  • Auto capture for tracking customer-related activities
  • Effective navigation app for Outlook
  • Innovative Deal Manager Workspace

Ensure Accurate Data Forecasting With AI-Driven Reports

Identify risks and opportunities with a forecasting solution that provides visibility and control over revenue. Use built-in AI for augmenting seller-submitted forecasts and analysing deal flows and trends. Leverage engaging dashboards and reports to monitor performance, and take data-enabled decisions along with:

  • Customizing processes based on top practices
  • Adapting AI for your various needs
  • Generating custom applications swiftly


Dynamics 365 sales professional offers core features of the module. Whereas, in the Dynamic 365 Sales Enterprise, you will get all the features of the module.

Dynamics 365 Sale Enterprise Edition is a complete package that offers solutions like Customer Voice Entitlement. It holds a capacity for up to 2000 survey responses per month per tenant.

There are a few steps you need to follow for setting upDynamics 365 Sales,such as:
  • Purchase a subscription or try it out for free for 30 days by signing up.
  • Select ‘Try for free’ through the Sales Overview page.
  • Select Install the solution.
  • Verify the installation.
  • Allow users to use the Sales Hub app

Yes, it is possible to set up a sales trial in Dynamics 365 sales. Here is how to do it:
  • Select “Try for free” from the Sales overview page.
  • Provide your work or personal email address.
  • In order to give additional information about your account, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Sign in to the Sales Trial app by selecting Launch Trial

Microsoft Relationship Sales is a commendable solution for collaborating the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. It encourages salespeople to have ample personalised and valuable interactions with the buyers. All in all, you can develop strong relationships with right decision makers and influencers while using it.

Given below are the steps you need to perform for installing and enabling LinkedIn Sales Navigator:
  • Review prerequisites.
  • Activate LinkedIn Sales Navigator through Advanced Settings. Visit AppSource under the App settings.
  • Install the software and validate it.
  • Turn on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Set up CRM sync and activity writeback.

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