Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations To Level Up Your Agility For Timely Project Delivery

MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations is the latest Dynamics 365 application launched in October 2020. While marrying the project management functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, this solution lets you manage everything you require for running project operations without any hassle.

Access Real-time Analytics For Timely Project Deliveries

After subscribing to the dynamics 365 project operation trial, you can seamlessly lap up the features of all project-based services. Some of the features of the MS 365 Project Operations include:

  • Custom pricing and costs according to the geographical data and local market economics
  • Build-in insights options for understanding the real-time project trends
  • Integrated Microsoft Teams options for hassle-free meetings, document sharing, etc.
  • Microsoft project capabilities integration for accessible dashboards, task management, scheduling, and a lot more things

Dwell into the Seamless Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Project Operations

Just after undergoing seamless dynamics 365 project operations installation, there are a lot of perks you can think of, including:

  • Boost efficiency and profitability with improved visibility
  • Get through more deals with a connected sales team
  • Ensure fabulous client experiences and unlock the larger potential of profits
  • Organize processes and enhance your work quality
  • Seamlessly amend your project economics with affordable costing, budgeting, invoicing and revenue assessment
  • Enhance cash flows with a quick and precise invoice management system to generate bills
  • Grow your business performance with streamlined projects
  • Give wings to your project lifecycle collaboration through enhanced teamwork


There is a plethora of scopes of the Dynamics 365 Project operations in Microsoft, such as:

  • Sales of projects
  • Planning of projects
  • Seamless resource management
  • Expense entry, time and approval processes
  • Invoicing, and more.

The scope of Project Operations offers time and expense entries and approvals, project pricing, actuals, invoicing, and project financials. Furthermore, you can expand the app with Dynamics 365 Finance to provide finance capabilities.

There are a cornucopia of things that differentiate Project Operations in MS Dynamics 365 from Project Service Automation solutions. Here is how:

  • In terms of end-to-end capabilities
  • Integrated Microsoft Project workspace
  • MS Dynamics 365 project solutions clearly focus on service-based businesses
  • MS Dynamics 365 solutions can extend into an ERP software

Yes, it’s possible to migrate Dynamics project service automation into project operations. All you need to do is to activate licenses for Project Service Automation.

Yes, you can connect the Dynamics project operations with third-party ERP systems as well as 365 Business Central.

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