11 Key features of a B2B E-Commerce Website

11 Key Features of B2B E-Commerce Website_

A B2B E-Commerce website is an online store. Here businesses can buy the products they have to work and this will range from office supplies and furniture to manufacturing parts and bulk product purchases.

The B2B aspect refers to any “business to the business transaction” whilst the E-Commerce element means customers can purchase and buy the merchandise on the web site.


The first feature you would have to register is the B2B E-Commerce website and this helps customer account infrastructure, starting (on the user’s end) with an account registration system. Counting on the type of products you sell, you have to allow new customers to checkout on their first purchase.

2- Filters & on-site search

If you’ve got an outsized catalog of products with tons of variations (eg: size, brand, specification, etc,), then you would like to provide an intuitive system of filters. The customers can quickly sort out the products they need and you should also provide advanced on-site search, including equivalent filter settings to seek out products.

3- Complete product specifications

You need to provide an entire set of product specifications so that customers can make informed purchase decisions. You should confirm that this information is accessible and clear to seek out and the information is associated with quality, safety, dimensions, and any USPs help customers choose items confidently.

4- High-quality product images

Buying online always comes with the added anxiety of not having the ability to ascertain. To help your customers to buy the proper products confidently. This provides high-quality, detailed images for each product that shows all of the visual information and a buyer might get to see the merchandise he is looking for.

5- Purchase options

Make sure all of the purchasing options available are clearly specified and clear to know and this applies to products – don’t let users determine too late that they can’t buy the number they’re looking for.

6- VAT toggle

Always provide pricing information including and excluding VAT include a toggle allowing users to settle on which price. The visitors must find it easy to search and compare the products.

7- Real-time stock counts

Add a real-time stock counter to your pages in order that customers can use this information for bulk purchases and the other advantage of this is often that, as your stock counts get lower, scarcity. This encourages businesses to shop for sooner or in larger quantities instead of miss out – particularly for in-demand items.

8- Estimated delivery times & order tracking

Estimated delivery times help businesses buy confidently and plan around their purchases. Fast delivery times can build trust with long-term customers. They need to put orders by a particular time also can increase purchase intent.

We talked about order tracking earlier and this is often another key feature for reassuring customers post-purchase.

9- Payment options

Given the account-based nature of the B2B E-Commerce website, you’ll offer a wider range of payment options. This provides greater flexibility and takes away purchase barriers and of course, you’re getting to need a secure payment portal with solid coverage of major card providers but you should to also consider which account-based payment options you would like to provide on a customer-to-customer basis.

10- Live chat support

Given that the bulk of B2B traffic is prepared to form the acquisition and they land on your website, you would like to try to do everything in your power. This helps them to complete the work. Live chat support provides a channel for consumers to urge in-tuned. They experience any problems or can’t find the knowledge they’re trying to find.

11- Security

The easier you create it for consumers to spend money, the more robust your security. Security works on two fronts: perceived security and actual security – both of which are important.

Perceived security is how confident customers feel their money is with you. Everything from the planning of your site, HTTPS encryption, T&Cs, payment options, and financial guarantees help increase the perceived security of your site and reduce any purchase anxiety.

B2B buyers are people too and that they face all the equivalent online challenges as other consumers and this is often why numerous of the features that employment for B2C online stores are found in the most successful B2B E-Commerce websites, too – features like product searches, filters, checkouts, etc.

B2B brands even have unique opportunities to capture account-based customers and double down on strategies like customer retention and maximizing lifetime value.

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