11 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to boost your business in 2021

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In order to connect with the professionals, Linkedin is the best medium. Many people are using Linkedin for lead generation purposes. Linkedin allows you to connect to many people and create a strong community. According to sources, there are almost 766 million Linkedin users globally. This blog is about 11 Linkedin Marketing Strategies to boost your business in 2021.

Define your goals

You have to make  use of any strategy if you have set your goal. Before investing in Linkedin Marketing, you must be clear about your short term and long term goals. Linkedin strategy must be synchronized with the work plan. You must be clear about certain relevant factors before using Linkedin Marketing strategies.

  • Linkedin is a good platform to accomplish my goals.
  • Do I find relevant people on Linkedin?
  • Does my business expand on Linkedin?
  • Will I get more leads?

Create Amazing Linkedin Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is one of the very important Linkedin marketing strategies. It assists people in  knowing about your business. This has the information about your products/services, employees, and headquarters etc. Remember your company page must contain the company logo, industry, website URL and other important details. This can build credibility. A good related cover image can work like cherry on the cake.

 Post Engaging Content

Content either on a website or on a Linkedin page, plays an important role in marketing. Don’t compromise in providing high quality content. Gaining a good follower should not be your end goal but retaining an audience is. You have to understand what people want to read when they visit on your Linkeidn page. This can be done by tracking Linkeidn analytics.

Share Your Company Page

There are many competitors in your business. Remember you are not alone in this field. You have to build your brand name. This can be achieved if you invite your Linkedin connections to follow your page. When any of your connections like and follow your page, subsequently your posts will be liked by them. These posts will be displayed to the connection list of your connection. This way your Linkedin page is indirectly promoted.

Make Use of  LinkedIn Stories

This new feature of Linkedin is very much effective. As this feature allows you to share some relevant projects on which you are working. This way people get to interact with your content. Moreover you can also host a Q& A session here.

Add LinkedIn groups to your page

If you want that your content will be visible, then creating groups can help you a lot.  

Remember that with a linkedin page, you can’t be considered as a part of any group. But yes on the linkedin page, you have the option for displaying a linkedin group.For this you have to deploy your linkedin profile. As the moderator and admin of a group, you gain awareness and control  in the industry.

Mention people in your LinkedIn posts

If you want your content to be seen by more people, you can tag them in your posts. For example: If there are 250 connections in your Linkedin account, then you can tag 10 who are more involved in your business. 

This way the people which you have tagged in your posts, will be notified, along with their connections, and people who follow them, so your content will be seen by more people. This tends to increase the engagement rate.

Involve Your Employees in Your Strategy

Linkedin is used for connecting with more and more people. Your employees can boost your presence and they  can influence your business a lot. You can ask your employees to share your blogs on their linkedin handles.

This way your company name can be boosted. People get aware about your brand. 

Upload Useful videos

Videos are more expressive and grab the attention very quickly. You have to be very much creative while uploading the videos. You can add video related to your business. Moreover, providing business tips can also help you in that. Sharing information about new trends can also help a lot.

Usage of Right hashtags

Hashtags are very crucial as it assists the people to find specific content. Adding hashtags to any posts increases the chances of getting found by more linkedin people. When you upload any video/photo, linkedin recommend you to add hashtags.  Hashtags can take your post to many people.

Measure your LinkedIn performance

Do you know? 6 out of 10 users actively look for industry insights on LinkedIn. 

Yes, Linkedin analytics dashboard lets you get aware about linkedin analytics. It allows you to track the number of followers, reach, impression, profile views and engagement rate. This will help you in knowing.

  • Key metrics on every post.
  • Measuring the linkedin post.
  • Understanding the demographics on Linkedin.

Some relevant tips for increasing the engagement of your LinkedIn page

  • Try to post in various linkedin groups.
  • Make sure your posts should be posted on business hours.
  • Make sure that your employees add the company page to their profiles to reach a wider audience of LinkedIn users.
  • You have to promote your LinkedIn page in newsletters and blogs.
  • Try to Upload videos.


Final Thoughts

Well, we hope this article has provided you the relevant information about effective LinkedIn marketing strategies. You can deploy the above stated Linkedin strategies. This can give a strong boost to your business. Almost 61% of Linkedin users are between 25 and 34 years of age. So you can target people accordingly that are interested in your business and deploy effective strategies.  You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

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