5 Interesting Tactics To Hike Social Media Conversion In 2022

All set to boost your social media conversion in 2022? Check out this ultimate blog on social media marketing tactics to get the best conversions from social media. 


Having a social media profile is gradually becoming a priority for businesses. Thanks to over 2.89 billion users across the world who love scrolling social media posts every day. Probably, your potential customers are also doing the same. 


Well, it directly reflects that social media is a great opportunity for pitching your target audiences. But how are you going to stand out with so many competitors in the race of social media marketing? How to break that gap between your followers and post engagements? Let’s dive in to get the answers to all these questions. 


5 Effective Tactics To Hike Social Media Conversion

Create Seamless and Mobile-friendly Landing Pages 


The key to winning over buyers through social media is creating a seamless experience with mobile-friendly landing pages. Imagine your users navigating Instagram, swiping and tapping to move from one point to another without any hassle. Won’t it increase your page’s engagement? 


Whether it’s your website or a social landing page, effortless navigation and minimal interruption are the two most considerable parameters. For a kickstart, make sure that your social landing pages aren’t hidden from customers. 


Boost Your Top Performing Posts 


Wait and think for a moment that how many ad campaigns do you run at a time? It’s an impeccable approach that most social media marketers follow. Even you should do it. Boost your content that’s doing pretty well organically. 


Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms to serve the purpose. For instance, if your post receives over 10 shares, then you must start boosing it. Here is the list of parameters you can set for ensuring the best social media conversions:


  • Select the type of posts you wish to boost
  • Set the time period for the promotion
  • Specify the time for boosting them with ad money


Enhance Your Stories With Visuals 


Incorporating visuals into your social media stories is a not-to-skip task if you look for commendable engagement and responses. According to basic human nature, people tend to get more attracted to visuals than simple content. Thus, whenever your story has something engaging to showcase, there are good chances to drive clicks through it. 


Enlisted below are a few tips that can help your visuals to stand out: 


  • Assign certain colors to topics or content for allowing the user to decide what to read and what to skip 
  • Avoid the usage of poor stock photos 
  • Include videos or GIFs for better user engagement 


Perform the Split Test 


It’s always been confusing which type of social media post can add value to a page. You never know which kind of content drives you the best conversion on social media. 


Apply A/B or Split testing strategies for real-time insights. Start by testing two posts at a time. There are endless possibilities you can pick from. Some of them are: 


  • A photo and video 
  • A short video and a long video 
  • An engaging question and an industry-specific content 
  • Meme content and an infographic 
  • Gif image and a carousel posts 
  • Content with tips & tricks and a minimal post 
  • One post with white background and the other with colorful 

Produce Some Social Proofs 


“What’s seen is sold,” is not just a phrase but a practice that people still do. Over 79% of humans still believe in online reviews. Do you check a product’s review before buying it? I think you’re getting what I mean. 


This concept even fits perfectly with social media posts and landing pages. Try to add content related to these social proofs like:


Employee experiences that showcase your working style

Gratitude posts that tell about your growth with a thankyou message for your customers

Case studies (Specifically for LinkedIn)

Testimonials from satisfied customers 


Wrapping it up,


Indeed, it’s a wow feeling to have ample social media followers. But finding ways to increase social media conversions can be a win-win situation for your social media marketing strategy. 


Begin it today by marking your presence on as many social media platforms as you can. Next, optimize your social media landing pages for seamless user experiences, boost your top-performing posts, and apply other above-discussed methods. 


Don’t forget to stay on trend while creating a social media strategy. It’s important for enhancing user engagement. Make a social media posts calendar and adhere to it. 


Feeling clueless about what to include in your social media post calendar? Well, you can also hire a social media marketing company for it.

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