6 Things To Be Taken Care of After Writing Your New Blog Post

6 Things to be taken care of after writing new blog post_

Blogging is the key when it comes to maintaining a social media engagement routine and content marketing. A well-curated content can act as a backbone for everything your business provides to the customers. It can even act as a paying-up component by improving your search engine rankings, further enhancing your business’ customer engagement. 

However, creating content and posting it is not the only thing you should be focusing on. Many firms do have great content to share with others, but they forget the “content marketing” part. Digital marketing for your content is the most crucial thing to do. Great content does not make far on search engines if content marketing isn’t done with expertise.

Now you all must be thinking– “what to do after publishing a blog post because I don’t have any expertise in content marketing?” Do not panic. To avoid your content from getting lost in the crowd of available content throughout the internet, you need to take care of certain things listed below. Let us start-

6 Things To Be Taken Care of After Writing Your New Blog Post | Content Marketing


We will start with RSS aka Really Simple Syndication. Why? Because it is the most misunderstood mechanism, though it is very powerful. 

The RSS system enables you to automatically feed your content to various locations, including several social media sites. Thus, providing you with content marketing. But how?– When you hit “publish” for your new content, the RSS ejects an automatic “push” for your content. This automatic “push” helps you in publishing your content on other websites, given that your RSS feed URL is plugged into your social networking sites or profiles. This will not only save you time but also will undoubtedly expand your reach.

This is a one-time setup. Thus, to be free from posting content manually, connect the RSS connections on your social media networks.

SEO Or Keyword integration

Good content is nothing without a good keyword integration. And for good keyword integration, you first need to do keyword research. Always remember that SEO plays an important role in making your content searchable on the internet. It helps your content rank at a higher position on Google’s SERPs and attract more audiences to your website.    

It is not much of a task when it comes to unifying keywords into your content. While writing the content, make sure that you make use of relevant and sensible words that revolve around your content’s topic. Choose those words (keywords) which people are typing into the search box. You can even make use of Google’s Adwords free keyword suggestion tool if you are tight on a budget. And lastly, do not forget to use both the long-tail and short-tail keywords for your search engine optimization.

Status updates

Some of you might be thinking in what way does status updates contribute to your new blog posting. If this is the case then let us tell you that many of us believe that status updation is the least of your worries. You just post your blog on every social media with the same “title”. But this might not be a “suitable” thing to do for your blog. You have to realize that each social networking has its own category of audiences. Therefore the heading or the title which you decide to use for your blog to serve them plays a very significant role in getting you the clicks. So try your best to make use of various headings and titles for your blog while publishing them on social media.

Social bookmarking

Many say that the social bookmarking technique has lost its charm. But there is no harm in putting some extra effort to make extra gains. Social bookmarking is like getting your content reviewed by your peers. You can post your content on StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, etc. These social bookmarking sites are quite popular and can provide your content with the exposure it deserves. Not only this social bookmarking will also present you with bulky traffic and backlinks.

Ask a fellow blogger for help

In this highly competitive world content competition, if one blogger is not going to help other bloggers then who will? Do not hesitate to ask your blogger friends to mention your posts in their spaces. They can even talk about your writing style, your topic choices, or can even provide your blog’s link in their publishing. The promotional mentioning of any post is a great way to extend your reach. 

Sharing the blog post with your target audience

After finishing the write-up, you are there sitting with a great post on your hands. What should be your next step? Is it posting it on some random site? NO. First, you need to ask yourself– for whom is this blog appropriate? Do you have any understanding of your target audience? Or are you just posting your content randomly without even thinking about the audience?

After giving this a thought, you know who’s your target audience. Right? So what are you waiting for then? Choose social media that is most suited, post your blog, and finally, do not skip the step of making your audience aware of your recent post. Give them a heads up by creating a new blog post alert. Mail your new post’s link and explain to them why you think the post is perfect for them. Do remember to ask for feedback.   

Final Takeaway

Keep one thing in your mind that writing great content is not an easy task. And successfully marketing this great content is a lot more tough task than this. One needs the expertise to do this, and if not implemented with seriousness, your content might get crushed in the pile of write-ups available today.  

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