7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Dubai Expo 2021 If You Are An Art Lover

When talking about the Dubai Expo 2021 art, believe it or not, you won’t come back disappointed. The beautiful messages and stories in the form of art will leave you mesmerized. And if you are an art lover, you will surely fall in love with the vibrant ambiance of the Dubai expo 2021 events and exhibitions. 


Let’s check out why you must visit Dubai expo 2021 to be an art lover. 


1- Explicit Charm Of Arabic Calligraphy 


If you are a person who loves calligraphy, then the explicit charm of Arabic calligraphy is one thing you can’t miss. Witness stunning, storied, and age-old cultures through imaginative Arabic calligraphy benches. Take a deep breath and imagine what each bench’s design wants you to do. 


2- Exclusive Designs Of Sabeel Fountains 


Another refreshing wonder of the Dubai Expo 2021 art is the Sabeel fountains. These fountains are a series of eye-catching drinking fountains to impress and quench the thirst of all the expo visitors. While representing contemporary art, each of these fountains showcases a unique style. For instance, you may see the design of a miniature world, letterbox, etc. 


3- Astonishing Rhythms Of Street Parties 


You can even imagine the groove and moves in the astonishing rhythms of the street party theme of Jamaican culture. Completely constructed in the shipping containers, the Jamaican pavilion is a not-to-miss thing. So, do experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of Jamaica. Besides that, visit pavilions of other countries like India and UAE to enjoy some different vibes. 


4- Charisma Of Al Wasl Opera 


If you are a musicophile, then you must enjoy the charisma of Al Wasl Opera. With a combination of Emirati and other global talents, the Al Wasl Opera brings liveliness to UAE’s rich culture and history. Indeed, it’s a perfect example of unity and connectivity. 


5- Contemporary Designs Of Emirati Craft 


Another Dubai expo 2021 art you can experience is witnessing the exciting collaboration between local and international artisans under the title crafts stories through a contemporary lens. Feel the vibrancy of the traditional Emirati crafts and designs by 24 designers and organizations.


6- Innovative Craft Stories Of Various Countries 


Chime into the world of innovation, creativity, and contemporary designs through the modern craft stories of over 192 countries once you visit Dubai Expo 2021. Know about the local crafts and cultures of these countries and start relating to these multi-layered journeys. 


7- Narratives Of Public Art Programme


How is your thought about enjoying the narratives of various public art programs? Certainly, these are the things that every art lover looks for. So, after coming to Dubai expo 2021, you can always enjoy these programs. Some of them take inspiration from famous Arab artisans, mathematicians, astronomers, etc.


Final Thoughts:


Undeniably, the Dubai expo 2021 art adds glam to all the expo events and exhibitions. You can enjoy the food, cuisines, and cultures of various countries in their pavilions. Same time, you will get to know about what’s new and innovative going around the world. So, when are you visiting the Dubai Expo? Visit it soon or share your experience if you have already become a part of it. 

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