8 Insightful Digital Marketing Strategies Startups Must Follow In 2022

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Today, over 59.5% of people love scrolling the web across the world. Do you have any idea what does it mean?  A cornucopia of opportunities to apply digital marketing strategies for promoting your brand. And when starting a business is a great move, what comes next is the plethora of cost-reduction challenges to overcome. 


Here is where digital marketing saves you extra time and money that you would rather spend on conventional marketing methods. Let’s chime into the 8 digital marketing solutions you can apply to grow your startup business in 2022.


8 Insightful Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups 

1- Generate Sales With Affiliate Marketing


Things become easy when you have a huge network that sells your products or services. And it’s like a cherry on the top when you don’t have to make efforts in hiring a sales team for it. 


Affiliate marketing strategies help you in doing it effortlessly. It is a win-win tactic for both brands and affiliate marketers. All you have to do is to hire a set of marketers who brings in sales and takes a commission in return. Indeed, it’s a new push for unconventional marketing tactics which are cost-friendly. 


2- Be a Go-Getter Through Emails 


If you think emails are outdated, then you might be wrong. You need to change this perception about emails now. As marketers, we can’t neglect the millennials who still check their emails and click on the ones with attractive headlines. 


Follow-up emails with a personalized touch are a perfect way to pitch your target audiences for action. Here is the list of a few email marketing software you can choose from:


  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign 
  • HubSpot 
  • SendPlus 
  • Moosend
  • EmailOctopus


3-Engage With Audiences On Social Media 


Another platform for building your brand in the online world is the social media channel. It’s because 58.4% of the total internet users love scrolling social media spaces like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 


Suppose you’re a B2B brand, then LinkedIn is the right place for you to market. Whereas, Instagram and Facebook is the top choice for B2C type of business. But, today your target audiences are active on all the channels. Thanks to Instagram reels. Thus, you should optimize your profile in various channels as a brand-building tactic. 

4-Drive Traffic Through Clicks 

Imagine you get too many relevant leads within a few days. How is the feeling? Won’t it be overwhelming when you drive conversions through those leads? The way grass seems greener on the other side so is getting traffic through clicks. 


Pay Per Click advertising with strategic targeting makes it possible. Since the PPC campaign exhausts the budget soon, setting them with the right set of parameters is essential. The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which decide PPC success can be goals, target audience size, budget, demographics, etc. 


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5-Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing is constantly turning the marketing dice. Nowadays, brands are pitching macro and micro-influencers to market their business. 


One good thing about collaborating with influencers is the exposure your brand and its products get amongst their fans. Therefore, connecting with influencers can help you in grabbing a huge number of customers who buy your products or services. Furthermore, you can organize some challenges or Giveaway contests through those influencers. 


Just take a piece of paper and pen to list out all the influencers of your niche market and start connecting with them. 

6- Use Compelling Content To Grab Attention 

No one likes content that’s boring to digest. Since content is the king and it is always going to be one, you need to keep it compelling. Brainstorm ideas about how you’re going to do it. 


Maybe you can add some trending reels to your page or create engaging post carousels with little storytelling. Here is what engaging content can contribute to your marketing funnel:


  • Enhances your brand’s visibility
  • Builds long-lasting relationships with your consumers 
  • Skyrockets brand awareness and recognition 
  • Increases credibility and authority


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7-Optimize Website With Relevant Keywords 


Your website has an enthralling design and effortless navigation. All the pages are working well. And now you think it’s all that you need to grab visitors. Right? Wrong! 


There are ample websites in your niche and relevant audiences won’t go to the last page of SERP results to find you. And the reason is they don’t have that much patience and time. Here is where optimizing your website with relevant keywords is essential. 


However, make sure you aren’t stuffing keywords on your website to avoid a lower website ranking. 

8- Create A Refer And Earn Community 


Creating a refer and earn community is another worth-trying way for promoting your business. Well, who is the better person to market your brand to than your own customers? 


Even GooglePay used the same strategy in its initial days of marketing. They used to give a cashback of Rs.50 per referral. Undeniably, being a startup business with a low budget, you can’t do it like GooglePay. 


But what you can do is give special discounts to the referring customers. This will further encourage your customers to refer more people for boosting your startup. You can use tools like InviteRefferals for setting up a referral program. 


To Wrap Up, 


Your startup business is going to save a lot of money by picking some thoughtful digital marketing strategies for conversion. Do it by generating sales with affiliate marketing, being a go-getter through emails, engaging with audiences on social media, etc. Hit and try which tactics work best for you. 


Are you struggling to decide the right strategy to grow your business digitally? Let the digital marketing experts do it for you.