Top 9 Questions The Best Web Designing Services Provider Should Ask Their Clients

With such a crowded market of web design companies, choosing the right one is always a hard nut to crack. And getting trapped by picturesque website designs it’s quite normal for you to forget the main purpose of your website. And that’s getting traffic to it and then converting those visitors into relevant leads. 


But how to achieve this goal? What’s the crack? Well, the solution is a suitable website design as per your business requirements. Now, the challenge is to know about the credibility of the website designer you are actually going to hire.

Top 9 questions asked by the best web designing services provider. 

1. Will you give a brief about your business in a few words? 

In simple words, professional website developers and designers will ask for the best elevator pitch that describes your business. Digging deeper into the conversation, they will also try to find out about the key values of your organization, the level of experience you hold in the industry, your future vision, and a lot more things. Moreover, they’ll also ask about the size, location, and background of your company. 

2. Do you already have a website? If yes, then what do you like/dislike about it? 

Your current website can be a mine of information unless your website developer starts it right from the scratch. So, a world-class website development company always enquires if you already have a website or not. A few more things that they would surely be questioning you about is:


  • What’s the CMS platform your website is using currently?
  • Since when you have been using that platform?
  • How easy is it to update? 
  • What’s the best thing about your current website?
  • Which part of the website is really annoying? 
  • Do you have a Google Analytics report of your website? 


3. What do you expect to achieve from this project? 

Of course, just like other people, you’re also going to trot out the same lines saying, “it is an outdated website in comparison to our competitors and we need a better version of it.” And usually, most of the best web designing services providers will promise you to build an effective website. 


However, that’s not the only conversation top web designers do when we say, “expectations!” In fact, they’ll rapid-fire you with ample questions related to your success definition, such as amount of visitors you need, sales or brand awareness goals, and so on. 


4. Will you help us understand your target audience? 

If your web development solution providers are delving into your customer’s demographics and psychographics, that’s a good sign. They are trying you understand your target audience. All they need to know is the media consumption habits, slang words, and lifestyle preferences of your niche audiences. As a result, all these queries help them in determining the appearance, layout, and navigation of your website. 

5. What specific advantages your website must have? 

Another essential question that top-notch website designing companies always ask is the must-have features or advantages of your website. These features could be related to:


  • Blog integration
  • Chatbots
  • Social media integration
  • Photo galleries
  • Mobile-friendly design 
  • Contact forms
  • Navigation-friendly layout 
  • Separate login panels 


For instance, if you run an eCommerce website, you can’t compromise with a design that isn’t navigation-friendly. 


6. Which type of websites are your least favorites? 

Professional web developers and designers always respect time, whether it’s yours or theirs. So, they keep it a priority to know your dislikes when it comes to a website design. This little step can save you both from the frustration that you could face while changing a design in the middle of the process.


 All in all, it’s the best way for avoiding potential web design failures. Tell your website designer about the website you like the least beforehand. 

7. Who do you consider your major competitors?

An eagerness to discover your main competitors is what makes a web designer unique. They always ensure to discover your main competitors and try making a website far better than them. Their intention isn’t about copying the entire website’s content. In fact, they analyse the competitor’s website to create an impressive website for you. 

8. How do you stand out from competitors? 

Knowing about your competitors isn’t the only thing that stops the best web developing companies from questioning you further. The next step is to explore your companies unique selling points (USPs). In this busy and competitive online market, your services have to look different. 


That’s how you can make that first remarkable impression on website visitors. In short, you just need to flaunt how different you are from your competitors. 


9. What’s the project’s final deadline? 


Commitments are always important for every service provider, be it web development or digital marketing. Thus, savvy web designers always clarify the details of the project deadline.  Make sure the web developer you are thinking to hire also does the same. It will prove that they will live up to your expectations, no matter what. 


Wrapping it up:


Being wise while choosing a web design company can be a win-win situation for you. And the credit goes to the high ROI as an outcome of the project. Asking the aforementioned questions can save you from bad web designers. Do you need some expert guidance about the best web designing services for your business? We can help. 

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