How To Boost The Black Friday Sale Funnel In 2022?

Black Friday has always been a perfect opportunity for online stores to apply a result-driven ecommerce marketing strategy.  Since this festival of thanksgiving is around the corner, you can earn impressively through the sales in your ecommerce website. 

Surprisingly, the last year’s Black Friday Sale recorded a sale of $3.34 billion in the US ecommerce market. So, it’s the best time when you can transform your business process besides generating high revenue. 

Let’s explore a few eCommerce marketing strategies to earn high profits this Black Friday. 

1. Use Emails For A Personalized Touch

In the digital marketing world, email marketing holds its own significance, as it holds the key to providing a personalized touch to your marketing efforts. Therefore, you can consider email marketing in this year’s Black Friday sale. The festive season is the time when your current and potential customers busy in figuring out the best deals. Thus, their confusion can be an opportunity for you to create your brand’s impression among them. 

Things To Consider In Your Campaign Efforts

With your campaign, you should try to:

  • Add stunning subject lines
  • Consider the time zone of your audience’s residency
  • Deploy mail schedulers 
  • Create audience-specific campaigns

2. Landing Page Can Hold Your Command Over Competitors

From this day forward, only a few days are remaining for the Black Friday fest. So, it is not the time when you should go for creating a new landing page. Instead, it could be fruitful if you modify your website’s existing landing pages.Publicizing a new landing page is a timely process (when proceeding with an organic framework). Therefore, you should prefer to utilize your website’s existing landing page.

Moreover, if you have recently launched an ecommerce store with the help of a e-commerce website development company, go for paid ads. Paid advertisements are helpful in reaching out to a large audience network in a short interval of time.

Factors To Consider

With the landing page framework, you need to work extensively on the following parameters:

  • Aesthetics of landing page
  • Inclusion of login/register function
  • Suitability to fit in an all-season framework

3. Publicity Is Incomplete Without SMO

The digital marketing framework is incomplete without the consideration of social media platforms. According to certain studies, businesses prefer to host campaigns during the festive seasons rather than ordinary tenure. Therefore, to greet your audience with your offerings you may not find anything more suited than social media channels. As the date for Black Friday is nearing so is the audience’s activeness on social media platforms. Therefore, you should start your social media marketing campaigns at the earliest possible time.

Through social media channels, customers have the option to look into a variety of deals. This is why you should necessarily incorporate social media channels in your marketing efforts. 

Points To Remember

For gaining successful insights from your social media efforts, it should be good if you:

  • Post your content in a relevant time frame
  • Answer users’ queries in comment sections
  • Add a call-to-action section in social media ads

4. Think About A Referral Offer This Festive Season 

Everyone aspires to get rewarded for starting a new journey with brands. Thus, to provide your customers something extra for their account creation or subscription, you can add certain rewards. The referral reward is one of the most trusted forms of advertisement. So, it would assist if you award your customers for bringing more audience to your business chain.

The consideration of referral is suggested for your Black Friday marketing efforts because of the trust factor. According to this, a majority of customers prefer to go with their known people’s suggestions or recommendations. So, by rewarding both, viz., the referee and the referred, you can lay the foundation of a lasting relationship. 

Points To Consider

  • Award something that your audience should commend
  • Include an expiration date of rewards
  • Go for digital publicity 

5. Fundamental Of Timers

As Black Friday is not so far and you have only a few days to set up your campaigns, it would be good if you go with the fundamental of timers. According to this principle, a reversing clock or a countdown creates a psychological compulsion in consumers. Thus, to host a successful campaign, you should look for the factor of urgency by adding a timer or countdown clock.

Ways To Enhance The Productivity

To harness more from your applied efforts, you can optimize the timer feature by adding it to the:

  • Product base
  • Promoted emails
  • Landing pages
  • Social media ads

6. Method Of Upselling And Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling are great ways to announce festive deals to customers. At present, customers prefer to go for combo offers rather than product-specific deals. Therefore, by offering something in the form of upselling or cross-selling framework, you can offer a great deal to your customers that they can’t resist going with.

The framework of combo deals works when a seller sells a combo of 2-3 products together at a discounted price. Brands prefer to adopt this principle during the festive seasons or when they wish to clear their existing stocks. Thus, you can look for this feature for announcing your Black Friday sale.

Here’s How You Can Get More From Your Efforts

While looking to frame an effective strategy for your Black Friday sale, you should consider certain parameters as described below:

  • The ad content must be easily clickable and highly compelling
  • The advertisement must reflect a factor of urgency and scarcity

7. Flash Sales Could Be The Factor Of Excitement

Publicity of flash sales is a short-tenure advertisement that can be helpful for your upcoming Black Friday sales. Publicity through flash sales is one of the exciting methods to create hype among the target audience base. You can add this sale feature to your website just a few hours prior to the end of the sale.

According to some studies, the announcement of flash sales has resulted in a 51% growth in audience traffic, a 50% growth in conversion rate, and exponential revenue growth. See, the fundamental of flash sales is tricky. Therefore, you should be extra careful while dealing with this. 

Something You Should Consider For Your Flash Sale Strategy

As mentioned above, you need to be extra cautious while dealing with flash sales. Thus, you should consider the following while hosting flash sales on Black Friday:

  • Promotions should be highlighted with a header bar
  • Limits should be well-defined
  • Try to add limited edition products on flash sales

Concluding The Context

Indeed,  occasion of Black Friday is considered one of the best times to establishing your brand’s digital presence. For this, you only need to go for e-commerce website development and marketing solutions. It is because the eCommerce segment is one of the proven frameworks for outreaching dedicated audience traffic. Consult our experts to get a perfect solution for your digital transformation essential for the upcoming festive season.

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