Can AI & Chat GPT Shape the Future Of Businesses in UAE?



With the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, the world of business is changing. In this article, we’ll explore all the pros and cons of ChatGPT.

You can say that technologies are assisting companies to stay ahead in this ever-evolving market. In a place like UAE, where innovative ideas on technology take a better hand, it’s important to reflect on its impact too.

Moreover, there is constant competition to increase visibility and improve search engine ranking. But the thing is, how to do it?

One tool that has stood out is ChatGPT. It has been offering many unique opportunities for firms to engage better with customers as well as improve their operations.

For the question “Can AI &ChatGPT Shape the Future Of  Businesses in UAE?” Let’s try to answer by weighing its pros and cons.

First, let’s try to understand what exactly ChatGPT is in simple terms.


What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is one of the latest artificial intelligence tools introduced by OpenAI. So, basically, ChatGPT is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is a language model that can communicate with people in a natural tone. It means that it interacts exactly like the way how humans interact with each other.

What you need to understand is this uses artificial intelligence to generate answers to questions.

How cool!

Furthermore, it provides human-like responses to what is being asked. Basically, this AI tool is a computer program that communicates with people, like interacting with another human.

What the user needs to understand is that ChatGPT gives human-like text known to give logical and contextual information. However, at the same time, it may give incomprehensible text as well.

After all, it is an Artificial Intelligent and not human.

Let’s dive in deeper to under how it will shape the future of businesses in the UAE.

Understanding AI or ChatGPT

Take a further look at ChatGPT, and why not try to understand it in depth? Recently there was an AI Summit held at AI University of Zyed in UAE where Elon Musk commented on it.

Here are 6 points that will help you to get a better understanding. There are-

  1. ChatGPT is not a threat, and rather it is a scope to understand the process and task.
  2. Similar to Google, it also has plugins
  3. It is an SEO analysis provider like SEMrush, Ahref etc.
  4. Understand that Google Bard Vs ChatGPT is not an AI war to create content but rather to identify content.
  5. Usually, using this AI tool can help to outline you from other competitors.
  6. In a world of content, AI tools are for taking guidance, not fully dependent on it.


As we try to find more information, let us try to look at ChatGPT from every angle. The question of “Is ChatGPT a green light for businesses in UAE?” is a doubt right now.

The UAE is well known for its investment in innovative technology, trying hard to make it a smart city. Well, when it comes to that, many businesses can take help to draft out brochures and product sheets.

Moreover, it can help businesses with their SEO efforts too. That is optimizing their content and providing recommendations wherever needed improvement, helping it to rank higher in SERPs.

It helps companies to identify highly searched keywords terms that are relevant to their search. By leveraging it, companies can increase visibility and drives more traffic to their sites.

In a highly competitive city where firms are competing with each other for a strong online presence, it can be a hope.

But wait!

It is an AI, and we cannot compare it to the human workforce. It changes policies and needs updation always, needing the help of a human approach to it.

For stance-

Take the COVID-19 pandemic. I can write a heart-winning blog about the precautions and safety concerns. However, I need to update it after the production of the vaccination as well on my blog. Similarly, you need to update as per the policies of each AI tool you are using.

Another best example is-

As a trader, you cannot trade in Share-Market using AI tools. Rather what you can do is you can take the help of ChatGPT to understand the opening, top losers, top gainers etc.

Cool right?

So, you can now take the help of ChatGPT to understand the market competition, top gainers and losers etc.

Before we conclude, we should weigh the pros and cons of ChatGPT for companies.



Here are some of the pros of ChatGPT for companies in Dubai. There are-

1. Saves Time

Why I said it saves time is because, unlike humans, you can log in at any time and from any location to get an answer.

As humans, when you are trying to come up with new topics and creative ideas, sometimes it goes blank. So, when you log in and type in your questions, it generates relevant answers.

Pretty fair!

Now, with the introduction of AI, you save time on writing content, brochures, etc. Furthermore, it increases productivity as well.

2. Help Firms to Avoid Making Mistakes 

When you ask a human to do work, mistakes can happen. You can, however, keep your tension at bay with this AI tool. It makes no mistakes when delivering information or answers.

Now, you’re saving your time as well as helping companies avoid making costly mistakes.

Hold on! This can be good news for firm owners.

It reduces operational costs as well. Now, owners don’t have to worry about paying extra for customers’ services and support. This AI tool can directly assist them.

3. Gives Instant Response

If you are to respond to your customer’s queries, then ChatGPT can be a great help.

Relax and take a sip of coffee!

Trying to answer your client’s questions can take time, but now? Tap, login, and get instant answers for your clients. So, it frees up human resources for a more complex task.


1. Lack of Cultural Understanding

Understands that ChatGPT is an AI tool that can lack cultural understanding of a specific place. So, this can be a downside.

You might want something more informative and try not to touch on such a sensitive topic. But fully relying on an AI tool can end with an inappropriate or insensitive response.

Now let us look into another con of ChatGPT.

2. Short of Handling Complex Topics

Humans can understand complex notions, but ChatGPT can’t. It’s a downfall here because it can give inaccurate or unhelpful responses to your queries.

3. Shortage of Emotion

Do you think an AI can give you a heart-to-heart conversation?

That’s impossible!

This is not human. A human can feel and give a response accordingly, but this AI tool can. Hence, lacking personal touch to it.

Businesses that want to build more clients and loyalty watch out first before you jump in.


Unlike the limitation, ChatGPT can still be a helpful asset for companies in the UAE.  Using it on your content can improve your site’s ranking and increase your online visibility.

Now you know that it can provide you with valuable insights for your firm. Moreover, it recommends optimising your site wherever necessary.

Understand that this AI tool depends on how you use it. Though ChatGPT is not a threat to any firms or employment, there is a second thought that it might not last long if you use it to deliver content.

Thus, using ChatGPT judiciously can be a powerful tool for your digital marketing techniques.

Note: Before you incorporate ChatGPT into your marketing strategies, take help from experts.

We, the Mighty Warners, can help you! Stay tuned to learn more from us!


1. What is the future outlook for the adoption of AI and ChatGPT in UAE businesses?

The companies in UAE about AI and ChatGPT are positive.  There is increasing interest and investment expected in AI tools in the coming years.

2. Can ChatGPT help my business in UAE  to make better and more informed decisions?

Yes, ChatGPT can help you make better and more informed decisions. This is because it provides insights and analytics based on your customer interactions.

3. Are there any potential risks from using AI or ChatGPT in UAE businesses?

Probably, Yes! This AI tool is a computer system developed to help humans. So, it lacks privacy, accountability, and human touch in customer interactions.

4. Can I customize ChatGPT to fit the specific needs of my business in the UAE?

Yes, you can customise ChatGPT to meet the needs of your business in the UAE. however, take note to use it wisely instead of depending on it fully.

5. What kind of businesses in UAE can enjoy using AI or ChatGPT?

Any business, including e-commerce, hospitality, and financial services.  However, keep in mind that it fully depends on how you use it.



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