4 Effective Ways To Create A Social Media Calendar In 2023

social media calendar
Social Media Calendar

With the advancement of technologies, many marketers now realize the importance of social media marketing to get good revenues. And when there are any events coming up the first thing you jump into is “Planning”. Planning helps you to have an effective outcome as well as beat uncertainties and future issues. 

Using Social Media Calendar keeps a tap on every event assisting you to stay organised. Let’s have a better understanding of what precisely is Social Media Calendar, its importance, and how to create one. 

What Is A Social Media Calendar?

Social Media Calendar is a quick briefing of the upcoming events or activities with the time and date. It helps you to keep a track on what to post on your social media, helping you to stay organised. 

You can use Google calendar, Microsoft spreadsheets, or interactive dashboard to help you stay organised. 

To keep it simple include the following things to your calendar: 

  • The date and time of the post to upload. 
  • The name of an account where you want to upload. 
  • Links and tags that have to be incorporated into the post. 
  • Social media channels in which the post is to be uploaded. 

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The Importance of Social Media Calendar In 2023


Using a calendar has lots of benefits including time management. It works as a framework for your upcoming event or post, helping you to stick to it. It gives you a clear-cut objective of what you want to convey to your audiences. 

Having an organised to-do list allows you to stay out of stress and anxiety. Calendar help you in creating good-quality content, helping your business in the long run.

Social Media Calendar is all about Planning, Managing, and Visualising work in advance.  Now want to get your hands on it? 

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4 Ways To Create A Result-driven Social Media Calendar In 2023

Does it look daunting while thinking of Social Media Calendar? Not anymore! Here are 4 powerful effective ways to create one for yourself:

1-Go For Social Media Audit

social media audit
Social Media Audit

Go for a quick evaluation of your social media platforms and upgrade where needed before uploading it. Having a brief assessment about your social media platforms will help you to reach the targeted audience better. 

 2-Select your Social Media Channels

social media channel
Social Media Channel

After evaluation, get an idea about your audiences and the content they prefer. Accordingly, choose your social media channels and the content you will post. 

3-Brainstorm The Content Of Your Social Media Calendar 


Stick to your business value, purpose, and its goal. Note down all the information and the desired outcome. You can start your calendar with the Date, Time, Social Media Platform, Link, Copy, Videos, and Graphics. 

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4-Share The Calendar With Team

 Calendar With Team
Calendar With Team

Share with your team once your Social Media Calendar is completed to get feedback. Feedback helps you to improve and enhance your ability. As a result, you can engage with relevant traffic and convert them to your customers. 

Final Note,

Planning a Social Media Calendar is a good way that lets you stay organised. Besides that, helps you to enhance your presence in various social media channels. Conduct regular social media audits, choose your social media channels, brainstorm calendar content, and share it with your internal team. And you are all set! 

Did you find this blog on creating a social media calendar for a proven social media marketing strategy insightful? If yes, then your next should focus on seeking guidance from a professional social media marketing agency. 

You don’t need to always scroll into your work. It increases your leisure time as well as keep you healthy with zero stress and worries. 

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