3 Not-To-Miss Events For Entrepreneurs Before The Dubai Expo 2020 Ends

If you’re an entrepreneur and haven’t been to the Dubai Expo 2020 yet, then you must visit it before it ends on March 31, 2020. In this article post, we are going to share the list of 3 essential Expo events you shouldn’t miss as an entrepreneur. Moreover, we will also tell you about the opportunities you can grab from it. Let’s dive in. 

Opportunities To Grab Before The Dubai Expo 2020 Ends 


Prior to unveiling the list of the 3 most essential Expo events in March 2020, let’s explore a few opportunities it comes with. 


 Chance To Mingle and Network At Emaar Club 


The Emaar club offers a luxurious hospitality experience to dine in and connect with entrepreneurs for future networking opportunities. Located in the heart of Expo, this nine-floor opulent tower with a rooftop bar is perfect for business chit chats. 


A Space To Engage With Innovators 


In Expo Live Pavilions, you can connect with a bunch of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s possible with the availability of facilitated space in these events by Dubai Expo 2020


Gain Knowledge about the Transformative Logistics Future 


This Expo event in UAE gives you multiple options to grasp information about the transformative data powers and cargo speed. It can be a big step for the future of logistics. 


Complete Access To Business Matchmaking App


As a business, everyone likes to make effortless connections with the right set of people without wasting much time. Business Matchmaking apps will make it happen during the Expo and after the Expo too. 


Perks of Outstanding Business Opportunities 


After visiting the various events of the Expo, you can attract the best investments, sign profitable agreements, and promote your business internationally. 


Platform to Connect with Business Representatives 


Expo will prove to be a perfect platform that help you in connecting with the business representatives of over 192 countries. 


Support of Global Business Community with UAE startup toolkit


The best opportunity for Expo in Dubai will be the assistance of a global business community with an assortment of UAE startup tools. Therefore, if you are a startup owner then this expo event is going to be a win-win thing for you. 


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Now, let me enlist the 3 most essential events in the Dubai expo you should not miss. 


3 Not-To-Miss Events For Entrepreneurs Before The Dubai Expo 2020 Ends 


World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum


 The main motive of this essential business event will involve the sharing of best practices for the development of beneficial ecosystems. So, if you think you’re an innovative entrepreneur, this event is going to be a time-investing thing for you.


 It is going to include E2E bilateral meetings and around 13 sessions on financial inclusions and digital transformation. 


Date of Availability: 28th March 2022 to 30th March 2022

Timings: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM


Guinean Blue Economy


The literal meaning of Blue Economy is related to the protection of the marine environment with the help of technology. This event will cover panel discussions for combating the challenges of the Blue Economy Development in Guinea. 


Moreover, these discussions will also cover development opportunities in this western African nation. 


Date of Event: 25 Mar 2022

Timings of Event: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM


The Role of Brazil Federal Court of Accounts in Sustainability Accounting in the World


The ultimate goal of this event will be focusing on the sustainability auditing of the Brazilian Federal Court of Accounts. These auditings will be helpful at both domestic and international levels. 


Since Brazil is going to be INTOSAI (UN) president by December 2022, this event will be an opportunity zone for you. 


Date of availability: 25 Mar 2022

Event Timings: 7:00 PM-9:30 PM


Wrapping it up:


Undeniably, you are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities if you don’t visit the Dubai Expo 2020 before it ends. And the aforementioned events are a few of those opportunities. So, save your day for something productive for your business and explore the Dubai Expo. 


Just go and make connections with brands, and then we’ll help you out in maintaining those relationships. 

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