Did you know? You can earn billions with effective eCommerce strategies for your Dubai-based startup. Check out this blog post to know the best eCommerce marketing strategies for your business growth. Kickstarting your eCommerce business in Dubai is no less than a roller coaster ride. One day you cross the sales threshold and the other day is like a journey with zero visitors to your eCommerce website. Here is where you need a strategically-proven eCommerce marketing plan to skyrocket your online sales. Before we discuss those ultimate eCommerce business marketing tips with you, let’s dive in and check why it’s essential.

Why Is Applying eCommerce Marketing Strategies Essential for Your Business?

Ecommerce businesses offer a huge scope for generating revenues by acquiring customers and building brand value. And it’s thriving impressively in countries like the UAE. According to the reports by Statista, eCommerce sales are expected to reach around 27 billion U.S. dollars. It completely angles for the hiking demands to market your eCommerce business in the UAE. So, that’s why it becomes essential to apply apt digital marketing strategies to enhance your reach to the target market. Scroll down to know a few impeccable eCommerce marketing strategies you can integrate into your eCommerce business promotion plan.

1-Integrate An Interactive Live Chat System

Are you familiar with the term chatbots? We’re sure you might be. Integrating them into your marketing strategy can be a good start for keeping your site visitors engaged. Try making it a live chat interaction by allowing the customers to get instant answers to what they ask for. Chatbots give a realistic shopping experience to customers even if they’re making purchases in a digital world. This strategy can impressively boost your eCommerce marketing goals.

2-Incorporate An Engaging Website Design

An engaging eCommerce website design completely makes sense. And why not? After all, no one likes to scroll through unresponsive and ugly-looking web pages. Thus, it becomes extremely important to integrate responsive web designs that are 100% mobile-friendly. Additionally, you can focus on developing navigation-friendly web pages. Once you develop responsive eCommerce web pages, you will notice that it will gradually reduce the website bounce rate.

3- Develop A Customer Loyalty Program

Having a loyal customer is a boon for any eCommerce business. It’s because they are a potential prospect for making repeat purchases. But how will you ensure it? Well, the answer is by developing a customer loyalty program. For instance, refer and earn programs are a good-to-go strategy when it comes to building customer trust.

4- Try Your Hands On Affiliate Marketing

You can even collaborate with affiliates for giving higher exposure to your products and services. Reach the affiliate who is most relevant and ideal for your niche and begin the journey to build your brand. Affiliates help you get higher sales in return for a fixed commission per sale. They make it possible by generating the interest of the target audiences in your product or services through effective tactics. These tactics include a lot of ways, such as content marketing, paid advertising, etc.

5- Send Personalised Newsletters To Subscribers

If you think that email marketing is outdated, then it’s a misconception. Well, it still remains an old-is-gold marketing strategy in a digital world. Big eCommerce companies in the UAE  like Amazon, Noon, and more also send personalized newsletters to their subscribers. They do it to build strong customer relationships. Here are two of the most effective ways to make the best results out of email marketing for promoting your eCommerce business in Dubai:
  • Mails regarding the completion of the checkout procedure
  • Post-purchase follow-up emails

6- Drive Traffic/Sales Through Social Media Marketing

According to the reports by Statista.com, there are over 48.3% of the global population uses social media. It simply angles towards a plethora of scopes to market your eCommerce business on various social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook are the most effective platforms to ensure the success of your eCommerce store’s promotions. For instance, you can run lead and sales generation campaigns on both platforms. Moreover, creating a social media post calendar with mixed content for attracting organic traffic is also a great idea. Also Read: Top 11 Social Proof Ways On Your Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales

7- Attract Customers Via Content Marketing

As its name speaks out louder, content marketing is an irreplaceable strategy for driving traffic to your website. It adds to the strong SEO of your website. Brainstorm ideas and start publishing the most relevant blog posts on various niches. Keep these niches related to the product you’re selling on your website. For instance, if your eCommerce website sells pet care products, then you can include topics like, “How to raise a furry friend?.” Additionally, you can also include SEO-friendly product descriptions for enhancing the rank of your website on search engines. Some other things which you can add to your content marketing tactics can include:
  • Guest posts
  • Youtube videos
  • Keyword-specific FAQ section

8- Optimize Your Ecommerce Store For Voice Search

Imagine how easy web browsing is going to become if you just have to do a voice search. Isn’t it a hassle-free experience? Voice search is an ever-growing technology that is going to get bigger each day. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, it plays a key role in enhancing customer experience and driving traffic to any website. Here is how you can optimize your eCommerce store for voice search to get impressive results:
  • Include FAQs with short and crisp answers
  • Integrate conversational and long-tail keywords
  • Keep it simple and avoid jargon
  • Improve page speed

9- Create A Buzz With Influencer Marketing

One more effective way to tap your audiences is by creating a buzz with influencer marketing strategies. You can reach out to the macro and micro-influencers of the specific field for promoting your products. Influencers hold a strong bond of trust in their community. So, they can always persuade your target audiences to buy your products. You can seek guidance from them for running the influencer marketing campaign to create a result-driven impact. Summing it up: Without a doubt, incorporating an eCommerce company in Dubai isn’t just enough for earning high profits. You also need to promote it with effective eCommerce marketing strategies. Hopefully, the above-discussed tactics to market your eCommerce business in UAE will help you out.
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