5 Incredible Facebook Ads Manager Updates in 2022 (You Must Know)


Day-to-day Facebook Ads Manager updates are the new normal for marketers in the present scenario. You have to learn these updates the moment they release online. Well, that is how you stand out in the world of digital marketing. So, it becomes essential to keep a track of these updates and strategize your ad campaign accordingly. 


Even 2022 welcomed these ad manager updates on Facebook. Are you curious to learn about them? We are sure you are. Before that, let us explain what does an Ads manager in Facebook marketing means and its role. 

What is the role of Facebook Ads Manager? 


Ads Manager is a perfect avenue for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network. You can create ads and manage them, no matter at what time and place you are running them. This one-in-all tool allows you to track and analyze your campaign performance. Thus, these insights help you to perform flawlessly in the future. 


A good thing about the Ads Manager app for Facebook is its compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems. So, you get more accessibility to edit ads, including budget management, schedule handling, and performance tracking through mobile phones. 


Now, you can understand how versatile managing ads on Facebook can be. Without further ado, let’s explore the 5 incredible ad manager update Facebook has to offer in 2022. 


1-Accessibility To Text Optimization Per Person 


Have you ever wondered how easy targeting will become if it’s personalized? Well, it’s possible with the latest Facebook updates. You can call it, “Optimize text per person.” It gives you accessibility to set up your ads with a level of customization. All in all, this process will lead to an effective inbound marketing strategy


A good thing about this automated ads personalization feature is the simple steps for using it. Moreover, you won’t require to create a unique copy per post, instead, it completely relies on existing ad elements and user responses. 

2-Availability of Instagram Reels For All 

Today, we can spend hours scrolling through Instagram reels. Thanks to their compelling content for engaging us. Facebook understands it really well and sees reels as an impeccable advertising tool since 2021. So, it gave an opportunity to marketers by making Instagram reels available for everyone. 


Many moments, Facebook sets a few restrictions for the ad accounts that are smaller. But with reel ads, won’t need to meet any type of account-level requirements. Reels ads are similar to reels, and what differentiates them from reels is their duration limit that’s up to 30 seconds. Your audiences can like, comment, watch and share them. 


Undisputably, this update is going to help you in reaching your Instagram as well as Facebook audiences. 


3-Restrictions On Ads Targeting Teens 


The next update is the imposing of restrictions on ads that target teens. The prime motive behind introducing this policy is to create a safe and private platform experience for juveniles. 


According to the new Facebook ads manager reformation, you can’t target teenagers on the basis of their interests and online activities. Instead, you can use age, location, and gender as targeting parameters if your customer base is teens. 


This reform will protect teens from the ads related to extreme weight loss, online dating, and other potentially harmful content. 

4-Freedom To Include More text On Image Ads 


Did you ever hear about the “20% text on ad images” rule? Surely, you would have heard about it if you ever advertised on Facebook. Wasn’t it annoying? You don’t have to feel agitated about it anymore. 


You can include more than 20% of text in your ad images. Thanks to Facebook for not rejecting your image ads with over 20% text. These changes will give you more authority while using text on your image ads. 


However, the ads manager in Facebook still recommends going with the 20% rule. And the reason is that these ads perform better. Too much text can limit you from reaching all your audiences. 

5-Launch of Automated App Ads For Targeting New Users 


Imagine how easy your work will be with fully automated ad campaigns. Sounds interesting? That’s another magic of the updates in the Facebook ads manager. And the Automated App Ads (AAA) feature is making it possible with the help of machine learning. 


Here, you can have a single ad set and one ad campaign that makes it easier to set up campaigns. Additionally, dynamic creative testing options are another perk of this ad reformation in Facebook. Thus, you can always use creative combinations by providing up to 50 videos/images with five headlines and descriptions. 


Final Thoughts,


Your ads on Facebook can be worthless if you don’t strategize them as per the latest guidelines. Hopefully, the aforementioned Facebook ads manager updates in 2022 will help you in bringing a change in your ads strategy. But managing ads isn’t just knowing the latest guidelines, you need the right strategies to drive the best results. Let’s connect to discuss how.  


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