Facebook vs LinkedIn Marketing: Which is Better for Your Business?


Digital media marketing involves content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and many other things. This mode of advertising allows advertising on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. Facebook has a wide number of users as compared to Linkedin. Yet both the platforms are important in their own way. Both Facebook and Linkedin can boost performance. This blog is all about Facebook vs Linkedin Marketing: Which is better for your business.

Many people don’t consider Facebook as a sensible B2B showcasing stage since they consider it to be the “fun channel” while LinkedIn is the “genuine channel.” It’s actually that there are loads of enjoyable things to be had on Facebook, and that LinkedIn is more centered around efficient corporations and it is more professional. Be that as it may, individuals don’t quit being business experts since they are on Facebook or having a great time since they’re on LinkedIn.

Facebook vs LinkedIn Marketing: Which is Better for your business?

Both Facebook and LinkedIn are the best platforms for B2B. As indicated by a Statista report from December 2019, Facebook has 190 million dynamic clients in the United States; then, a report from April 2020 uncovers LinkedIn has around 160 million dynamic individuals.

Both Facebook and Linkedin have their unique roles. Facebook is deployed for massive reach whereas Linkedin is for the better leads.

LinkedIn Groups vs. Facebook Groups

 Facebook and Linkedin provide the privilege to businesses for connecting with prospects.

Talking about Facebook groups, people love to share their personal thoughts and opinions on various aspects.

When people are on Linkedin their motives are different. They have a work mindset at that time.

Add Creativity With Ads

Digital ads are appropriately executed on Facebook. Although linkedin has taken a good step in that too but still Facebook is digital marketers’s favorite platform for Ads.

Facebook offers retargeting ads via the usage of a pixel put into the code of your website or landing page that can track when someone has visited either one.

At that point when they appear on Facebook, promotions appear dependent on which pages a client has visited and what they are keen on. This custom element is somewhat dreadful, yet it’s extremely ground-breaking for B2B advertising.

Targeting options: Facebook vs LinkedIn

Facebook and Linkedin both have targeting options. With lookalike features you can target the base audience. In the base audience, the feature of current email, database, leads and people list is used. These audiences have already consumed your content. Similarly on linkedin, “Audience Expansion” has been used. But linkedin audience expansion is not as effective.

Despite retargeting features, Facebook also makes the use of real data based on geolocation. Facebook ads have advanced intelligence capabilities. Here your  campaign can self-optimize for better results.

When the ads are published, Facebook breaks down your standards and settles in plain view choices dependent on the information patterns of clients seeing and clicking your advertisements. For example, if a specific gathering is changing over most inside your intended interest group, Facebook will self-optimize your advertisement so it keeps on appearing for that specific group and other comparative ones.

How Businesses are harnessing Facebook and LinkedIn?

As per Facebook, more than one billion individuals “like” and comment a normal of 3.2 billion times in just a single day. From a branding viewpoint, making a Facebook business page and effectively posting and connecting with your clients give you an advantage for the individuals who look for organizations on Facebook to demonstrate trustworthiness. The main role of creating Linkedin business pages is to attract new clients, post daily jobs, and initiate conversations with customers.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn Marketing: Final Takeaway

Here we have discussed Facebook vs Linkedin Marketing. We hope this article works for you. For those who want to maximize their profit within a small time span, then you can go with Facebook. In case if you want to increase your business presence, then Linkedin can do wonders in this case. The main thing to be noted is that you must be aware of how to use B2B marketing strategies for your business. Your main motive is to generate maximum leads that actually convert. You can use any platform depending on your needs. In case if you face any issues, then you can contact us.

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