GA4 vs. Universal Analytics: Features and Advantages Compared

GA4 and Universal Analytics
GA4 vs. Universal Analytics
GA4 vs. Universal Analytics

Attention! Google announced that by July 1, 2023, Google Universal Analytics (GA3) would stop processing new data. To answer this, Google has developed a more advanced version through Google Analytics (GA4).

What Is Google Analytics (GA4)?                          

Google Analytics 4 is an updated version of Universal Analytics (GA3). It is a web analytics service that helps you analyse and measure your ROI. 

Also, it helps you track your social networking sites, Flash, and Video. Additionally, GA4 helps you have a better understanding of your customer’s journey. 

GA4 vs. Universal Analytics

Difference bw GA4 and Universal Analytics
Difference b/w GA4 and Universal Analytics             

1. Data Collection Method

Universal Analytics uses tracking code. 

Google Analytics uses tracking code and machine learning.

2. User ID Tracking

Universal Analytics tracks user ID.

Google Analytics ( GA4) uses machine learning for the privacy-focused user without storing individual user data.

3. Event Tracking 

Universal Analytics uses manual event tracking.

GA4 uses machine learning to track events and interactions. 

4. Real-Time Data

Universal Analytics Provides real-time data for website activities.

Google Analytics (GA4) for both website and app activities.

5. Cross-Device Tracking

Universal Analytics provides limited tracking.

GA4 provides cross-device tracking. 

6. E-commerce Tracking

The older version provides basic e-commerce tracking.

Whereas the new version provides advanced e-commerce tracking.

7. Machine Learning

GA3 is more manual.

GA4 heavily depends on machine learning algorithms.

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Revolutionise your Business Today with Google Analytics (GA4)

In a city like Dubai, where the business landscape is highly competitive, it is important to know where one stands in the market. Moreover, many businesses are competing to take the leading spot in their influence in the digital world. But the question is: How can you do so? 

You have probably been using Universal Analytics, also known as GA3. Also, Google introduced Universal Analytics in October 2012, and in 2013, it was open to the public. Moreover, you need to know that this gives in-depth information about customer behaviour. Also, it helps track and get information. However, this version is in beta. But later on, Google made an update on this in 2014, from the beta version to classic analytics. This allows users to obtain the same characteristics in a classically. 

Finally, in October 2020, Google came up with a more upgraded version of Analytics known as Google Analytics. Also, you can access these upgraded features as a digital marketing company in Dubai. Moreover, you can stand out from the crowd and improve your customer’s experiences. 

How Can Implementing Google Analytics (GA4) Enhance the Success of Dubai Businesses?

Google is offering a newer version of  GA4. Additionally, it has new features and capabilities that make it easier to measure your success than before. So, what is the improvement it offers for your business?

Through GA4, you can collect your data and have it help you measure your conversion rate effectively and easily. Also, this can give you the ability to track your overall performance with ease. Basically, you need to understand why you should switch to GA4. 

Ready to Make a Shift? Get Started With Google Analytics (GA4).

Migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4 successfully with these steps. Also, discover how you can set up GA4 with these easy steps.

  1. Create a GA4 account. (Click on Create Account).
  2. Give the account name. ( click on the Data Sharing Settings) to control what you share with Google.
  3. Click on the Next button to add the proper to the account. 

To make the shift

"Add Stream

  • Select the iOS App, Android App, or Web.


Google Analytics (GA4): Is it Worth the Upgrade?

Check this out for yourself by weighing the cons and pros of GA4. 


1. Starts From Scratch:

  • Data history from Universal Analytics is non-transferable.
  • Google Analytics requires new property.
  • It requires a fresh start from scratch.

2. Event-Based Measurement Model:

  • GA4 relies on events and parameters as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 
  • It shows all the activities and data on customers’ behaviour.
  • All the activities are now seen as events. 

3. Complexity:

  • The GA4 users may find it hard to use.
  • It is easy to track video play or file download but hard to track click-to-call.
  • To track the conversion of click-to-call needs to set it up from Google Tag Management (GTM).
Google Tag Management
Google Tag Management


1. Insights:

GA4 has made an advancement in providing

  • Automated Insights will notify you of any changes to your data.
  • Custom Insights-It allows you to get notified on what you feel is important to you.

2. Better  Tracking:

  • The GA4 provides better tracking facilities.
  • It easily tracks user behaviour across the web, mobile, and offline. 
  • GA4 gives better insights into your customer’s behaviour.

3. Easy Reporting and Analysis Tools:

  • Introduces easy-to-use templates for custom report creation.
  • The templates make analysis easy and more efficient.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface.
 user-friendly interface
user-friendly interface

Tick-tock, your data is at risk! Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 before 1st July 2023 to stay ahead of the game!


Google Analytics (GA4) is a powerful tool that every company in Dubai needs to access GA4 to track their Digital Marketing efforts and improve their performance. Also, GA4 is the solution for increased website traffic and an improved conversion rate. Moreover, you can better understand your market’s behaviour and track your marketing campaigns.

Still, want to contact us to learn more about GA4?

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1. Will It Impact My Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) Post GA4 Immigration?

The Offering of  GA4 is to facilitate the tracking of your business’s performance. Also, it ensures a smooth transition from Universal Analytics to GA4. It will have an impact on your Universal Analytics. 

2. Which Is A Better Option: To Migrate The Existing UA Or Create A New Setup For The GA4 Property?

Whether to migrate or set up a new GA4 depends on your specific needs and goals. Understand that certain things you will have to set up in GA4 freshly, and data you can import from Universal Analytics. 

3. Why Should You Shift To Google Analytics?

It is mandatory to migrate all your data to  GA4 before 1st July. The GA4 offers advanced features to evolve and adopt a new technological landscape. It also offers cross-device tracking and Path Exploration. 

4. How Long Will It Take To Transfer All The Data To GA4?

The transfer depended on various factors, such as data layers and the amount of data you wanted to migrate. 

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