How Internet Marketing Grows Business in Dubai!


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Do you need help leveraging digital marketing to drive more ROI? Relax and sit back! We will help you. 

Let’s go!

As a firm owner, we understand that you want your business to excel and drive more customers and ROI. Not to mention, in a metropolis like Dubai, online marketing is a saviour. Why? 

Dubai is a global business hub, with many businesses competing to take the lead. How can you stay on top, and what must you do to be on top?

Let’s have a look at this example: 

The Nike brand itself. Go to a search engine and type the four-letter word. You will see the main page on the front, along with the logo and the tagline. 

Here, I am not saying that the Nike brand hired an alien to do the marketing and campaign job. You can follow a strategy like theirs to gain more traffic and conversion rate. 


Tips To Gain Traffic To Your Site Through Digital Marketing


1. Have A Website 

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At last, look ahead to building your e-commerce site. To do this, you need a professional web developer or designer to help you create a good website. This will help potential customers find you and help you reach a wider audience. 

The solution to this is Mighty Warner! We are a team of experts specialising in bringing day-to-day business solutions to companies in Dubai. 

Before you dive in, have a thorough understanding of what your company wants and how you like us to help you. Take a look at how your page should be

  • Your site should have a well-designed logo, tagline, colour, perfect alignment, and a good layout.
  • Build a page that is responsive to any device and screen type. 
  • Ensure that it is easy to navigate.
  • Categorised the kinds of services or products you are offering
  • Go ahead in hiring an expert web developer to do the work for you. 
  • Make sure your site is aesthetic and is not distracting the users with many ads.
  • Check for any outdated blogs, broken links, or outdated features and try updating them. 

Now that you know the first step, you can check out the importance of maintaining your e-website. 


2. Leverage Social Media Channels 

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Leverage them with different social media platforms to garner more traffic and clients. In Dubai, about 90 percent of individuals are using social media. Since the pandemic, there has been an increased use of it among people. So, this is a great way to market your product or services. 

Open a social media account and start updating your brand. Henceforth, this will help in gaining more traffic to your site and increasing customers as well as ROI. 

Go ahead and starts using social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.

Are you stuck on promoting your brand online? The writer will help you from start to finish. With us, you can build your brand while being trendy. 


3. Affiliate Marketing

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Moreover, it is an excellent way to promote your brand. In the UAE, Arab Clicks is one of those affiliate programs Nike signs up with. As an entrepreneur, signed up for affiliate programs which in return can be a win-win situation for both ends. This is a great way to reach more people and make more money.

Additionally, through affiliate marketing, either an individual or a group showcases your services. They provide a unique referral link where customers can buy or get benefits. In this way, you can increase revenue for your firm. 

Moreover, this is cost-effective despite requiring effort, patience, and a strategic approach. 


4. Influencer Marketing

Hire an influencer to be the face of your brand on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Influencer marketing is a good place, to begin with. Unlike before, this strategy allows many firms to reach their targeted customers more effectively than traditional methods. You can go ahead and hire Influencer @JOELLE MARDINIAN,

Moreover, you can hire them for Instagram promotion, and on YouTube, you can employ Baz@therealbinbaz and Anncy Twinkle @AnncyTwinkle. 


5. Hire a Branding Agency

Branding can help increase your brand’s visibility, traffic, and revenue. In addition, the importance of rebranding is your page has new features and functionalities with the latest features. Moreover, you can hire a branding agency like Mighty Warner to do the work for you. They have solutions for every marketing issue. 

Furthermore, having a good appealing site is crucial for any firm’s image, visibility, and position in the market. Stay updated with new features and gain more traffic and revenues with us. 


6. Be There For Your Customers

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When was the last time you had a good customer service experience? It makes you feel good and makes you happy, allowing you to go back for their services. Likewise, you want your customers to comeback to your site for more. How do you do so? 

Add a reachable number so they can text and reach out to you anytime and ensure that your customer’s services are good. Give it a personal touch and be there for your customer 24/7. 

Finally, you can garner more customers through emotional touch. 

Note: There are other marketing strategies that you can use to promote your brand. These include Email Marketing, Podcasts, Talk shows, Display Network, Re-marketing and Re-targeting etc. 


Bottom Line

Furthermore, as a company owner, you have a lot on your plate, so we, the Mighty Warner, are here to help you. Connect with us to achieve your goal more swiftly and effectively. 

At last, you can grow your business in metropolitan cities like Dubai by using all the strategies mentioned here. We are just a call away! Click here to hear more about our services, and to gain better knowledge, click on our post about how you can use your benefits. 


1. Can I Get Traffic Without SEO Optimization? 

You can drive traffic to your site in several ways: email marketing, PPC, and social media marketing. But traffic without SEO optimization? There is a possibility in the short run, but it is not sustainable in the long run. However, optimizing your site can drive organic traffic to your page. Therefore, optimize your content, structure, and keywords to increase brand visibility and traffic. 

2. How Can I Get 1000 Visitors Per Day To My Site?

Getting 1000 visitors per day to your website is not an easy task, but the good news is that it is possible with patience and consistency. Here are some to-do lists to gain more traffic-

  • Ensure that your content is unique by being original
  • Post your blogs or video using social media channels
  • Get your hands on email marketing
  • Make sure to advertise through Google Ads
  • Optimize your SEO

3. How To Fix a Higher Bounce Rate?

Follow these steps to lower your bounce rate. They are-

  • Speed up your website loading time
  • Improve the user experience
  • Ensure that your website is easy to navigate
  • Reduce the number of popups
  • Give out quality content to the right people

4. Why Are There No Visitors On My Site?

Let’s get straight to the point! There are no visitors to your site because of poor user experience. If your website is visually unpleasing, the text is not perfectly aligned, bad advertising, and the wrong audience, all these can land fewer visitors. As a businessman, ensure that your website has a good user experience and is delivering to the targeted audience.


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