How to Create an Outstanding Ecommerce Website Product Page?

Confused about how to create an outstanding product page? Wanted to know the difference between a landing page and the product page? If yes, then you are at the right place as in this article you will get answers to all your questions. And after reading this article in the end you will definitely get to know that what is landing page is and why it is necessary for a website. So, now let’s begin.

A product page is one of the most important things while making a website. A compelling and eye-catchy page determines that whether a customer is taking your services or skipping to find a better option. A good product page converts visitors into customers. And if we talk about Ecommerce business then no matter how we create our product, the product page will always remain a vital part of an e-commerce company website.


Difference between a Landing page and a Product Page

Many people think that landing and product pages are all similar. Some have questions like can a landing page be a product page? But no they are different.

Following are points that might help you in understanding better.

  1. A Product page will give you all the information regarding the product which the company is offering.

The landing page on the other hand is designed for a marketing campaign to drive traffic and present it in an appealing way.

  1. The product page is information-based and provides users with all the information they need to navigate your website.

The landing page removes all distractions and only focuses on CTA. No extra information is there.

  1. On the product page, you can find all types of useful links.

The entire purpose of a landing page is to get the consumer to act and engage with the brand.

  1. If you want to make an e-commerce sale then a product page might be a better option.

If your objective is to generate leads, then a landing page with newsletter signup is a good option.


What things to add to a product page?

There are several general points that you can include in the e-commerce product design page-

  1. High-Quality Images
  2. Product demo video
  3. Product Overview
  4. Mobile Responsiveness
  5. Return and Refund Policy
  6. Social Proof



  1. High-Quality Images-

Whenever a customer browses your page on mobile or on desktop, then it is a must to have high-quality images for driving sales. If the vision of that product is not clear, then how can they commit to making a purchase. Always hire a professional photographer for high-quality images so that if a customer zooms in and zooms out image should be crystal clear.

Quantity also matters, always post multiple images from different angles so that it will help customers to get an idea of what that product is about. Also remember that the size of the image should also be the same size, as it creates a pleasant experience for shoppers and they can connect with those that in reality how the product will look like.


  1.     Product Demo Video-

If you want your customers to visualize your product then there is no best option than displaying it in video form. Having a video on the product page helps to rank higher in search results. Besides the demo video, an explanatory video is also a good-to-go option.

Almost 90% of customers learn more from the explanatory video. Another best option which is now also in trend is the 3600 view; this enables customers to rotate the product from any angle they want. This can also eliminate the misunderstandings a visitor might have about the product.


  1.     Product Overview-

Whenever the user lands on the product page the very first thing which attracts is the product overview. It upholds all the necessary information which every user requires. A product overview should include a catchy product title. Another important element is the price because it is the biggest deciding factor for a customer, so the price should be clearly visible.

If your product comes in different sizes then make sure that there is a size chart on your product page and also mentions the stock availability.

And do not forget to mention CTA (Call to action) buttons like Buy now, Add to cart, and on…

Make your CTA large and visible with a combination of vibrant colors that stands out against the rest of your product page.


  1.     Mobile Responsiveness-

In the era of digitalization where the public is now operating everything through mobile, then it is also essential to have a mobile-friendly website. Around 80% of the public do shopping mobile-only which means three out of four sales are carried out mobile-only. That’s why implementing a mobile responsiveness product page is integral to secure sales.

A good mobile responsiveness product page should showcase all essential information like- product overview, CTA, and navigation which will make the page more appealing.


  1.     Shipping, Return, and Refund Policy-

Keeping your customer in dark about company policies can be disadvantageous. Always mention the company’s refund and return policy on the product page, it can help to avoid customers going to another webpage. And policies should be written in transparency in such a way that they should be clearly understood by anyone.

Customers will always appreciate the transparency and will be more inclined to buy the product if the policy is properly laid out. You can also mention free shipping in the minimum order threshold.


  1.     Social Proof-

Authentic social proof is a must in every product proof. Almost 88% of customers trust customer reviews that they read on social media platforms, it builds customers’ confidence in your brand. Place customer reviews panel where it can be easily found, this makes the customer more comfortable.

 Do not censorship negative reviews.

The number of followers, likes, and other metrics can also be a form of social proof. More followers will give a piece of evidence that your company is trustworthy.



Final Thoughts

We have highlighted the top six detail page design points; hope it might have cleared all your doubts. Make sure you do not overdo the product page after all you are selling products not features. Creating an eye-catchy product page is a must as it turns users into long-term customers. 

Are there still queries related product page? Make sure that you fill our contact form. Mighty Warners will help you out in finding out the best possible solution for your business


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