10 Worth Integrating Google Fonts For Impressive Web Designs in 2022

10 worth integrating google fonts

Have you decided on the web designs for your web page but can’t finalize the fonts? Here is the blog post that will help you out. 


Compelling web page typography has always been a drifting factor that can boost your website traffic. And for the designers in the world of digital marketing, Google Fonts aren’t less than a goldmine. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, it’s an open-source that is driving out one of the best results.


Selecting suitable typefaces depending on your brand guidelines is essential today. It’s because integrating impressive fonts into your website content can contribute to the readability and aesthetics of your website. 


So, before we share 10 interesting google fonts to thrive website traffic in 2022, let’s why they are essential. 


Why Are Compelling Google Fonts Essential for Web Designs? 


When it comes to creating a website with eye-pleasing designs, there are a lot of factors that matter. However, fonts always stay at the forefront of everything. Here is why choosing the right fonts for your website creates a difference:


  • Encourages Branding 
  • Explains Terminology Effectively
  • Gives Liveliness To Your Website Designs 


10 Most Amazing Google Fonts For Impressive Web Designing 




Claus Eggers Sorensen, a designer from Denmark invented Playfair to offer uniqueness to website content. Its delicate hairlines and high contrast can impressively complement your website design. Moreover, if you are developing a website with a classic feel, then this font is never going to disappoint you. 



Are you thinking about giving a funky and attractive look to your web pages at the same time? Then, you should definitely consider this font. Being inspired by flat brush typefaces with medium weight, this font style has an eye-pleasing look that’s just perfect for enhancing readability.



Lato is one of the favorite fonts of the Sans Serif family. This font reflects an exemplary look for large-sized titles. You can go for this font if wish to integrate a simple yet enticing font into your web pages. 



If you desire to optimize the screen readability of your website, then there is nothing better than Merriweather. Web developers prefer this font for both long and short texts, including headlines and titles. Currently, there are 8 different styles in this font and you can pick any style according to your branding scheme. 



Arvo is a fantastic font to satisfy your need for incorporating strong characters into impressive web design. This slab serif family font comes with 4 different variations, including normal italic, bold italic, and much more. This font style is another not-to-miss design that you can use for giving liveliness to your website’s titles and subtitles. 




Alegreya is an enthralling Google font that resembles yesteryear printing press format for the purpose of creating amazing web pages. It’s the epitome of versatility and readability. So, you can stay assured when it comes to designing readable web pages without compromising on the website’s appearance. 



Launched back in 2011, the Montserrat font serves the purpose of preserving the serenity of the urban typography. A lot of entrepreneurs love to add this font to their web designs. Thanks to a plethora of variations it is available for ensuring different brand identities. 



Do you need a perfectly balanced font that goes well with both traditional and modern website designs? If yes, then there is nothing better than Aleo. The creative curves of this Google font give an aesthetically pleasing look to your entire website. 




Muli is another minimalist and versatile Google font that sports a curious look to headlines and body texts of websites. It looks amazing on all kinds of screens, be it mobile phones, laptops, or tabs. And the entire credit goes to the proper spacing between its characters. You can go for this font if you are not looking for something neater to match your fancy web designs. 



Arapey represents a modern typeface for adding gentleness and glamour to your website content. This font is a blend of softer lines and modern structure that impeccably highlights the headings and body texts. Although this font has only two variations, even these choices are enough to glam up your web pages. 


Wrapping it up:


Indeed, Google fonts can make or break the look of your web designs. So, it’s essential to choose them after considering your brand scheme, web page design, and much more factors. We hope the above-discussed fonts will help you to choose the most suitable font for your website. 


Still, confused about which font to choose for your business website? Well, you can always seek advice from website designing experts in that case.