10 Tips of social media marketing for selling real estate properties

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Real estate business can be a good source of money if carried out properly. Are you thinking of investing in a real estate business? If yes, then this blog is helpful for you. Social media has influenced everything after the COVID-19 pandemic. Every other business is deploying social media to make their earnings. Social media can assist real estate agents in different ways. First of all, it gives the privilege to connect to prospective clients. This way credibility between agency and  customer can build up.In this blog, we will discuss how to use social media to supercharge your real estate marketing efforts.

social media marketing tips for real estate properties

 #1 Make use of Localized Listings

Client reviews are very important, also it creates attraction for the people who check out mobile devices online. You can take the benefit of being found on those high ranking websites. Check out the following sites which can bring leads for your business.



  1. Yelp.com
  2. YellowPages.com
  3. Zillow.com
  4. Redfin.com
  5. Opendoor.com
  6. Yahoo Directories
  7. Bing Local

Being a best  social media agency, we suggest  optimizing your profile on a few of above mentioned websites. It will help you to appear higher in organic search results. 

 #2 Plan Which Social Platform To Use

There are varied social media platforms but you have to examine which platform is good for you. There are some questions before choosing the right social media network that one must discover.

  1. Which social media platform is good for real estate business?
  2. How much should I invest in social media marketing?
  3. When my target audience is online?
  4. Will social media marketing for real estate promotions benefit me?

#3 Harness Facebook for Real estate

Facebook is not only meant for entertainment purposes but also it serves for real estate business as well.

It allows targeting an audience depending upon the age, location, income and demographics. Moreover, it also allows the real estate businesses to publish updates related to listings on the FB pages.

There are a lot of things that real estate businesses can do

  1. It communicate with the customers
  2. Posting of comments in a community
  3. Appointment bookings.

Also Facebook gives a chance to real estate agents to connect with the people who are actually interested in either selling or buying the property in your area.

 #4 LinkedIn for Real Estate

On Linkedin, you can join local groups. Also there you can share your industry experiences. Moreover, you can also assist people in answering their doubts.

#5 Instagram for Real Estate

Instagram is a great image based social media platform. You can use it for showing people the image based information about real estate business & properties. Here real estate hashtags are used for targeting the instagram posts location. This way maximum engagement can be generated.

 #6 Display Images of Properties

Images can showcase the things in a clear manner. So your focus is on creating high resolution images. It should also possess contact information so that if someone wants to purchase that they can easily do that.

 #7 Provide Testimonials

Testimonial assures to build trust and credibility. So don’t forget to add testimonials on social media platforms. You can endorse your business properly on various social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter. Many social media marketing agencies Dubai provide testimonials to increase customer’s trust on their brand.

Posting success stories on Linkedin and Facebook really helps. 

 #8 Market Your Listings

You can use the 80/20 rule in your strategies. Your content should be 80% informational and 20% should be about listings. Don’t forget the minute details of listings while posting them. Also, photos can add more value to the information.

#9 Post Videos of Properties

Videos can depict the information more clearly as compared to texts. You have to be very particular about the buyers of real estate properties. They believe in the power of visually showcased things. For this you have to put more emphasis on creating educational and informational videos.

So the question: Which kind of videos should be posted for engaging the audience?

  1. There should be updates on the real estate industry.
  2. Videos on local areas.
  3. Engaging videos on small houses.
  4. Industry experience
  5. Q&A session

 #10 Share Relevant Tips and Tricks

When you are in the real estate business, you have to be creative. You must know how to engage followers, for your business. For this, you have to add a tint of creativity in your work. The most important thing is that your content should be engaging as well as informative. 

  1. You can share some tips like
  2. How to renovate a home?
  3. What should be the best decor idea?
  4. What are some tips for buying as well as selling the home?
  5. How to do DIYs for your bedroom?

When you are into the real estate business, you should give emphasis on creating educational content on home maintenance and decoration ideas.

Final Thoughts

Social media can do wonders when you want to excel in marketing. The main motto of real estate business is to get more sales by selling out the properties. When you use social media, you can grab more sales and acquire more attention from your target audience. In this blog, we have discussed 10 social media marketing tips for selling real estate properties

We hope this blog worked for you. If you are having any doubt, ask us freely in the comment section. 


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