10 Proven SaaS Marketing Strategies To Boost Signups And Sales In 2022

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Do you sell a SaaS product and don’t know which SaaS marketing strategy to invest in for boosting signups? Well, this confusion is normal. Through this blog post, we’ll try to unveil the top-notch SaaS marketing strategies for promoting your SaaS business. 


With the booming SaaS industry, the competition for SaaS businesses has also increased. And when every SaaS marketer uses a different strategy, how are you going to stand out? It’s only achievable with effective B2B SaaS marketing techniques.


We’ll be sharing the 10 most effective ones here. But before that let’s explore what it is and why it’s different from other marketing methods. 


Understanding The Meaning of SaaS

SaaS aka Software as a Service is the software distribution model that runs on a third-party platform. In simple words, a third party hosts the SaaS products and makes them available to the end-users over the internet.


Usually, SaaS development companies update their products autonomously. It keeps the customers assured about the fact that they are using the latest software version. Enlisted below are some of the leading brands that offer SaaS products:


Why is SaaS marketing different from traditional marketing methods? 


Marketing a product or service is a hard nut to crack. But what about promoting a service that has a physical presence? Even more difficult. Isn’t it? That’s why marketing a SaaS product requires unique marketing strategies. Here are some of the differences between SaaS marketing and traditional marketing:


  • SaaS marketers use an AAARRR(Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) Sales funnel whereas in traditional marketing it’s an AIDA model
  • Most SaaS products have B2B buyers and thus they use B2B SaaS marketing techniques for promoting their products. Whereas, traditional marketing is also suitable for products with a physical presence
  • Challenges to converting sophisticated leads are higher in SaaS marketing 


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Unveiling the result-oriented SaaS Marketing Strategies To Boost Signups and Sales 


1-Go for Custom Email Marketing 


Customized email marketing strategies for promoting your SaaS products will never go outdated. It’s undoubtedly an old-is-gold kind of marketing strategy. All you can do is make your emails even more personalized. For instance, “Hi Tarun, We Have Something to Smoothen Your Business operations”. 

2- Develop A Screencast Library 


Doesn’t it become easier to buy a product or service after experiencing a live demo of its usage? Of course, it becomes. You should do it. Begin sharing the bits and pieces of your SaaS product’s usage. Create the screencast of 1-2 minutes and publish them on social media channels. 

3- Get Your Company Listed In A Software Review Directory 

Software reviews are crucial, especially if it’s B2B SaaS marketing. When your competitors are getting listed in review directories, why should you lag behind? Go to core software review websites like Capterra, C2, Software Advice, GetApp to get yourself listed. 


For instance, Capterra incentivizes your existing clientele with Amazon gift cards when they leave a review about you. 

4-Create A Community Of Your Online Users 


Once you establish a significant userbase, there is nothing wrong with giving a try to this technique. To start with, you can create a private Facebook group for your current customers. Additionally, you can also club your current and prospective customers together in a separate Facebook group. This way, you can always motivate them to signups. 


5- Approach Industry-specific Podcasts to Feature Your Products 


Podcasts are gradually winning the hearts of audiences in the nooks and corners of the world. So, heading to podcasts like Spotify and Apple can definitely add up to your B2B SaaS product’s branding strategy. Publish your products to the most relevant podcasts after finding your industry-specific keywords. 

6-Integrated Effective SEO Strategy 

Targeting keywords and attracting leads via top search engines is an amazing technique that most SaaS marketers still like. One of the prime ways to do it is by blogging. Big SaaS companies like Sprout do it for reaching wider audiences through organic search. 


Additionally, various SaaS companies try to look for opportunities for getting featured on “Best of” lists. 

7-Organize Webinars 


Promoting a product or service through leadership temps a lot of users in the present world. Even you can organize informative webinars to market your SaaS products. Several top brands like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Hotjar, and more organize webinars regularly. 

8-Run PPC and Social Media Ads


If you wish to outrank your competitors quickly on search engine results, then there is nothing better than PPC advertising. You can impressively stand out from your competitors by Running Pay-per-click ads for your SaaS products. Similarly, social media ads can also let you beat the challenges of social media algorithms. 

9-Use Organic Social Media Methods 


Having a presence on social media is essential for every business, whether it sells SaaS products or something else. Thus, if you aren’t having one, make sure you are creating your page on various social media platforms. 


A few things you can do for your SaaS products in the beginning include:


  • Optimizing the About page
  • Creating a social media post calendar 
  • Sticking to the social media posts calendar
  • Using proper hashtags 


10-Offer Free Trials 


Who doesn’t like free trials? Everyone does. Top SaaS companies like AWS, Microsoft, and Google use this strategy to ensure signups. Even you can give it a try for your SaaS product. Offer free trials to your website visitors. Persuading the visitors to sign up for a free trial is the first step in your conversion funnel. 


Wrapping it up:

Integrating effective SaaS marketing strategies into your sales funnel is the perfect way to boost your SaaS business. Hopefully, the aforementioned SaaS marketing techniques will help you drive impressively high sign-ups and sales. Are you looking for the best SaaS marketing agency near you? We can help you out! 

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