7 Ways To Use Consumer Psychology Before Setting Digital Marketing Goals

The way five fingers of our palm differ so is the likes and dislikes of the target consumers of every business. But with so many differences in our interests, one thing that’s similar is our brain’s reaction in several instances. And that’s where understanding consumer psychology becomes essential.


 One of the miracles of understanding consumer psychology or behavior while setting digital marketing goals is the conversion of visitors into leads. Let me tell you a few more good things about understanding consumer psychology in digital marketing. 


What is the importance of understanding consumer psychology in marketing? 


Consumer psychology is the study of understanding consumer behavior by grasping in-depth knowledge about your target audience. It gives you a clear idea about your buyers’ persona like what they think and how they make a buying decision. After understanding the likes and dislikes of your target audiences, you can always determine the best strategies to market your products or services. 


Now, when you know how essential it is to understand your consumers’ behavior, let’s see how to use it to influence buyers’ decisions. 

7 Ways To Use Consumer Psychology Before Setting Digital Marketing Goals 

1-Break Through Action Paralysis 

Your consumers don’t like too many parameters. Thus, it becomes essential to break through their action paralysis by identifying the minimum efforts they can make to buy your product or service. 


For instance, you can organize free workshops or giveaway contests on your social media networks. Here you can ask your target audience to follow minimal steps for becoming eligible for the contest, such as following your page, tagging friends, etc. 

2- Analyse Your Type of Buyers 


The trickiest part of any digital marketing strategy is to convert the most difficult buyers. And for that, you need to analyze who are those rigid audiences unwilling to buy your products or services. No matter what industry you represent, neurologists divide the human spending patterns into three categories: 


  • Unconflicted buyers 
  • Spendthrift consumers 
  • Tightwads customers 


Since tightwads are the toughest ones to convert, your focus should remain on strategizing your digital marketing goals to reduce their pain. 

3- Use The Urgency Factor Wisely 


Did you ever come across a marketing copy saying, “Hurry! 25% discount for first 5 customers?” How do you feel? Surely, you will become curious to check out what is on the other side to offer. Once you like the offer, you will try to buy it the soonest you. For you might fear losing that 25% discount. 


Even your target customers behave similarly. Here is where the theory of urgency factor works. Your marketing copies must tell them what they can lose by not buying your product or service quickly and what’s the solution. 

4- Take A Stand For Meaningful Motives


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, there could be 5 motivations behind your target customers’ purchasing behaviors. These motivations can be related to their physiological needs, safety desires, belonging needs, esteem needs, and self-fulfillment needs. 


As you meet the needs of your consumers, their desire to buy a product or service also increases. Therefore, you must understand what your customers require and then try to include the meaningful motives behind your digital marketing campaigns


5- Be the Problem Solver 


In the field of marketing, consumers’ problems are scopes for businesses to solve their issues. With an in-depth understanding of your consumers’ behavior, you can get an idea of their problems. 


So, try incorporating a problem-solving strategy in your digital marketing goals. For example, you can post infographics on how to use your product or service. 


6- Treat Your Audiences Like Friends 


Another consumer psychology theory speaks about treating your audiences like friends. Here you make them empathize with a story that they read or watch on your website or social media channels. It’s human nature to forget random facts and figures. But if they experience them, it’s easy to remember. You can do it by:


  • Communicating to your audience amicably 
  • Narrating stories they can relate to 
  • Sharing personal experiences or stories 


7- Give A Freedom Of Choice 


Imagine yourself visiting Amazon or Myntra for buying a shirt. Won’t you appreciate a plethora of options to choose from? The same is the case with your potential consumers. They adore choices. 


But make sure you aren’t complicating the situation with too many choices. Keep it simple. You can focus on a few parameters at a time and include clear CTAs in your marketing strategies.  

Wrapping it up, 

Without a doubt, understanding consumer psychology or behavior can help you set an effective digital marketing strategy for business growth. Consequently, you can build your brand, drive leads and boost sales. We hope the aforementioned ways are going to help you in defining your marketing goals. Are you ready to create an evolution with the right digital marketing strategies? We can help. 

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