Methods of Performing an in-depth Technical SEO Audit for Your Website?


In this time of hardcore competition in the online market, the only way to survive to follow some really effective digital marketing strategies. SEO is one of the most significant digital marketing strategies. Do you know 60% of marketers say that inbound (SEO, blog content, etc) is their highest quality source of leads?  SEO can be best achieved if regular technical SEO auditing is performed. Well, this blog assists you in getting deep dives into how to perform an in-depth technical SEO audit.

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

The process which involves analyses of checking out the technical aspects of the SEO of your website is called technical SEO audit. The main role of a technical audit is to note the faults in the website and fix that so that the overall health of the website gets improved. SEO is not fixed, it’s regularly changing. So you should adapt your website with changes as well. Being a renowned SEO company in Dubai, we advise you to do SEO auditing of your website after every 3 months.


Begin with the Crawling of your website

The major step in a technical SEO audit is to do the crawling(deep-check) of your website. For this, there are various tools in the market like DeepCrawl, SEMrush. These tools can help you with enhancing the SEO strategy, content quality, and backlinks as well. With the help of crawlers, one can easily detect the errors like poor images, broken links, issues in page titles, and inaccurate keywords. For fixing these issues one can do is:- 

  • Duplicate content removal
  • Fixing the redirects
  • Restrict indexation
  • Mention URL parameters

 Review Sitemap

The other relevant thing regarding your website is the website sitemap. It is responsible for informing the search engines regarding the structure of your website. Moreover, it also assists in discovering new pages.   Your sitemap must be:-

  • Registered in Google search console as Google recognizes your sitemap. One can accomplish this by specifying the location of the sitemap in robots.txt and another way is doing it manually.
  • Your sitemap should not have any errors in it. 
  • Make sure it should not have more than 50,000 URLs as in that case Google won’t do crawling. 
  • It should have updated content.

Examine Internal Linking

There are some internal linking factors that one must check for an in-depth technical SEO audit. Following are the important ones:-

  • One must check Orphan pages as these pages aren’t linked to any page of your website and can be really tough for search engines to discover.
  • Internal linking auditing allows you to gain insights into the crawl depth of your site. 
  • Internal Link Distribution: In this one can easily analyze the pages which possess weak Internal LinkRank.
  • Internal Link Issues: Moreover, this auditing gives you the privilege of finding broken down as errors, warnings, or linked to internal links

Examine whether your website is Mobile-friendly

People are using mobile phones more these days. They love to surf on the mobile. So if the websites are mobile-friendly, then it’s good for your website health.  Do you know More than 3/4 of shoppers use mobile devices along with physical shopping?

Test Site Speed

Website loading speed is really important. Many users can leave your site if it’s taking too much time for getting loaded. Do you know if there is just a one-second delay in the loading speed, it can cause-

  • Reduce page views by 11%
  • Reduce conversions by 7%
  • Decrease customer satisfaction by 16%

So, be mindful that your site speed is crucial in terms of SEO. Every technical SEO audit is dependent on the site’s speed.

Do a Backlink Audit

The process of evaluating all the links that relate to your website is called a backlink audit. In this, one must need to check which link is good and bad for their website. Moreover, a strategy is also built up for dealing with the backlink. It assists the search engines in deciding how valuable the content is for the users. 

Analyze your Content SEO

Your content can speak in a lot of ways with the customers. So make sure your content should be readable as well as unique. People tend to stay more on your website if they find some unique content. While carrying SEO auditing, you can simply remove the page which has duplicate or redundant data. You can deploy Google Analytics to know which page has more visits from customers. 

Re-Crawl Your Website

When you are all set with the adobe mentioned technical SEO steps, then you have to do recrawling of your website again. This can ensure you while your technical SEO audit is accomplished or not.

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SEO auditing these days is very much crucial for your survival in the competition. Whether you are doing SEO auditing on your own, you should always monitor the health of your website. You can monitor links on a regular basis. Also, you can check its speed, etc.  Mighty Warner is a renowned SEO company in Dubai. Our team cares about our customer needs and we know the value of regular technical SEO audits. If you are seeking SEO services, then you can contact us




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