What is a Brand?

What is Brand

This question is a perspective of million dollars in the business industry from fashion to tech and the ideal source for Google to add pages on the internet as a search result and answer. Still, the answer is a spectrum due to evolution in the industry, culture, usages, target audience, and product.

Well, I won’t write the answer like an MBA chapter or thousands of secrets of cinderella but I will prefer to decode the two successful brands of this century.

Yah! I mean!

PUMA & NIKE or YOU can say PUMA vs NIKE

Let’s cover up what I’m going to shoot here!

You will be able to understand

  • The comparable definition between PUMA & NIKE
  • What is BRAND VOICE?


We will not create differentiation between these brands because both are into the same category of business and target audience, but since we trying to explain the brand image. Hence, we will only figure out the success ratio and the brand impact on buyers emotionally. Because these points set the crown of success and higher sales in the business.

NIKE: 58 years old brand with 1,046 retail stores

The world’s most mispronounced brand and most successful brand in sports apparel and fashion.

  • Mispronounced because we write & say NIKE but the real pronunciation is NI-KEY

Now let’s understand the success ratio of NIKE:

According to the internet search result analysis provider Semrush, the brand Nike’s organic search result is more than 180 Million Worldwide and paid traffic is only 5.9 Million, which is like only 2.9% of total traffic. This show’s the organic strength and fans of NIKE users. “YES! I SAID FAN’s NOT BUYER or CUSTOMER”.

The brand targets users all over the world and makes custom approaches according to social & cultural environment, no matter whether it is the wild west or middle-east NIKE keep it is audience engaged with trend and marketing campaigns, and products.

For example;

Capturing Middle-East with impressive Hijab Athletics Wear –

Capturing Middle-East with impressive Hijab Athletics Wear -
Capturing Middle-East with impressive Hijab Athletics Wear –

Yes, it was Nike who introduce Hijab for athletic women as a choice and tries to connect with the buyers with an emotional campaign tagline “What will they say about you?” The campaign and product were launched in 2017 for the arab region.

Honestly, this was the best way to open the closed market or way to impress the captivated audience in an engaging way.


The campaign

‘Don’t Change Yourself Change the World’

The campaign was featuring Naomi Osaka’s First Ever Nike Ad Gives Goosebumps to the audience and motivates every individual to achieve their dream and go beyond.

Naomi Osaka’s First Ever Nike Ad

The campaign

“For once, Don’t Do It”

To support the solidarity and social justice fight of the black community in America.

For once, Don’t Do It | Nike   (Click to watch the video)

According to Global statistic analysis provider Statista; In 2022, Nike’s global revenue amounted to about 46.71 billion U.S. dollars, which is an increase of over two billion compared to the previous financial year.

This is the result of


 PUMA: 75 years old brand with 1948 retail stores

The brand doing its best and all that it can to show a faster & stronger impression by showing the Puma animal and brand symbol.

According to Semrush, the current search of PUMA is 19.9 Million organic and 924.1k paid.

Puma follows a generic strategy to showcase their brand and product with the catch of the best material products, prices, categories, etc.

According to statistic report provider Statista, “Sales of Puma footwear amounted to around 3.16 billion euros in 2021, marking a significant increase from the previous year. In 2021, footwear sales accounted for 46.5 percent of Puma’s sales, the largest share of the company’s three product segments

Puma has tried to collaborate with many socialites and sports personalities like Osan bolt and Kylie Jenner but failed to give a wow factor due to brand traditions and way of operation.

We’ve tried very hard to keep the conundrum of information equal in comparison but in the last 5 years, we’ve not found any exciting campaign from the brand PUMA, because PUMA avoids competition and plays safe with line and margin of product and price and categories.

“It is easy & authenticates to say that NIKE is the WINNER 👑”

But do you know the reason why?

It is not the logo,

It is not color.

Or even digital marketing.

“The simple answer is brand promotion strategy”

The brand voice and brand communication strategy add stars to Nike and that’s why it shines better than PUMA.


Take a moment and tell me what is the slogan of NIKE.

Answer: JUST DO IT

NOW take a moment and tell me what is the slogan of PUMA.


Or take almonds!

Did it help?


Let’s Google

Here is the result!

First the brand claim “Puma is the only sports manufacturing company that does not have a slogan.”

After that changed to, “She Moves Us,” “Only See Great” and “Keep Pushing Forward Forever Faster” are some of their one-liners that have created a powerful impact.


puma lines

I don’t know why but it is very hard for this brand to keep consistency with the tagline and add emotion to the brand message.

When you say “JUST DO IT”, it triggers the mind and motivates you to attempt the action and stop overthinking or thinking about other things or society, etc.


You know that this line is the property of NIKE and just according to the tagline NIKE launch’s promotional activities and campaign, and you can’t deny that every campaign of this brand is connected with a social cause and message.

I’m not advocating the brand like FAN or regular buyers but trying to simplify that human love and remember emotions, no discounts or coupon codes.


What did you learn?

  1. Try to define your brand in Maximum 3 words, not even 4.
  2. Try to keep it energetic, emotional, and motivational
  3. Try to associate with social and cultural
  4. Try to keep consistency on brand image, and ads and keep faith in your act.
  5. If it is controversial but creates change in society, then do it.

What you will get if you apply?

Wait! To apply all these strategies to your brand we are not asking you to fight for social and political causes but we are asking you to react and deliver your thoughts and motivate the community.

If you analyze the HIJAB campaign of NIKE then you will get the essence of acceptance but not any propaganda against HIJAB, if you love your culture as well as sports then it is not a problem you can achieve your dream, this is the impact of HIJAB design athletes wear of NIKE.


In today’s world emotions travel faster than light.

Add-on proof;

  • Puma has higher stores than Nike but Nike is higher in the number of sales.
  • The online strength of Nike is diamond than to Puma.
  • According to Net Promoter Score (NPS) Nike’s score is 52 and Puma’s score is 35.
  • According to Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) Nike’s score is 24 and Puma’s score is 20
  • According to gender score Nike is at 71 and Puma is at 66
  • At diversity Nike is at 72 and Puma is at 65
  • According to professional development score Nike is at 58 and Puma is at 0

When your brand realizes what it stands for, your organization acts in the same way rather than just producing and manufacturing.

Key takeaway:

  • Add a tagline and slogan that stands permanently with your brand like NIKE
  • Do not extend the brand tagline and slogan in more than two or three words. NOT EVEN 4.
  • Find-out placement for your brand.
  • Add cause to your brand.
  • Become a voice of the needy through your brand and stand with confidence.
  • Create a campaign that triggers a social message and targets the audience emotionally.

NOTE: All these acts can become the pillar part of your brand and can create an irresistible call between the brand and the audience, and this connection is the main outcome of brand building.



Please let us know your thoughts in the comments and share this article with your branding team.

Thank You

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