Top 5 WhatsApp Marketing Software for Business

WhatsApp is going on with the top-performing messaging application that has succeeded with a decent number of customers around the globe. This application is remarkably reliable for companies that use the platform for interacting with purchasers and buyers.

Earlier Email and SMS were the most widely recognized channels organizations which were used to associate with their clients. But, in an omnichannel world, that is developing day-by-day messaging applications like WhatsApp have abilities that permit you to influence consumer dependability, while growing reach, increasing conversions, and accomplishing other significant business KPIs.

Obviously, other informing channels like SMS, MMS, and Facebook Messenger actually have a crucial role in any organization. Using WhatsApp Business as your messaging strategy can be a distinct advantage—it is a vital device to assist you in staying competitive.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Tools

1. One can send bulk messages to potential customers using a scope of easy to understand.
2. WhatsApp also approves you to approve photographs, recordings, and PDF documents despite instant messages.
3. One can be more imaginative and use ethical campaign strategies to reach the target market.
4. It’s now more accessible to track down the right WhatsApp Marketing Software for your business!

Here is a list of the best WhatsApp bulk messaging software for businesses.

Top 5 WhatsApp marketing software

1. WappBlaster
2. Whappext
3. Whatso
4. WhatsHash
5. Waam-it

1. WappBlaster

WappBlaster is one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools that assist you with sending limitless mass messages to your current customers. This is a naturally planned tool that offers a few highlights for successful marketing.



  1. Schedule Text
  2. Can send text, images, and videos with captions
  3. Can switch between multiple accounts in running campaigns
  4.  Easily Generate reports
  5.  Create and update the database of customers instantly

Pricing: Free Version & Paid Version Available.

2. Whappext

It is a WhatsApp marketing tool that permits you to send mass messages to many clients at one time only. The solution comes from various highlights that empower you to speak with your existing clients on WhatsApp. Whappext accompanies worldwide help and permits you to associate with your clients around the world. 


  1. Support many multimedia
  2. Easy-to-use interface
  3.  Support multi-language functionality
  4.  Guaranteed data security for data
  5.  Requires one-time payment with lifetime and support

Pricing: Free Version & Paid Version Available.

3. Whatso

Whatso is one of the famous free mass WhatsApp sender applications among the Free WhatsApp promoting programming which is accessible to over 25,000 clients around the world. It is the most vital marketing strategy for mid and private companies for developing client collaboration. It also assists in and boosts deals by utilizing the most impeding innovation.


  1. Supports multiple languages
  2. Multiple Contact Storage
  3. Multimedia Formats
  4. 24×7 Support
  5. Fraud detection

Pricing: Free Version & Paid Version Available.

4. WhatsHash

WhatsHash is a WhatsApp business web application with higher CRM features that make way for clients to semi-robotize their business measures. Clients can make their accounts, offer support, respond quickly, save media and messages, run reviews, etc.


  1. Chat/Email Support
  2. Reports & Dashboard
  3. Contact Import
  4.  Contact Management
  5.  Send Image, Video, Audio, File Attachments

Pricing: Free Version & Paid Version Available.

5. Waamit

Waamit is an automated Free WhatsApp showcasing Software that allows clients to communicate an endless number of customized WhatsApp messages to any number. Customize the messages with telephone numbers, names, or some other data using the Software’s highlights.

Waam-it Sender uses WhatsApp as an incredible marketing tool to build brand and item attention to a more critical number of designated clients all around the world. Waam-it Sender upholds all WhatsApp languages and can send up to 5000 free instant messages each hour all around the world.


  1. Broadcasts images with captions
  2. Attachment to the file
  3. Messages are unlimited.
  4. Unresponsive or incorrect numbers skipped and blacklisted.
  5. Filtering removes duplicate phone numbers.

Pricing: Free Version & Paid Version Available


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 As the most well-known informing application, WhatsApp has a comprehensive sizable client base all over the world. Organizations that use the message application to address clients and customers consistently are an exceptionally trustworthy mechanism for them. WhatsApp doesn’t allow any promotion or media. Hope you have read the whole blog.

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