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Brand Management Strategy

For MightyWarners Brand or Company or Company logo is just a product and our task is to make it famous around the world or targeted area.
Our mighty Process of :- How to do Brand Management ?

Note :-

Decision of Brand Management process is factor, that reflect your business strategy and plan for next five years. Hence, always surround your self with experts and top skill holders.


Our Brand Marketing Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


Online & Off-line Presence

Yes, When it's comes to your brand and eye catchy situation you will have to make it sure that you fulfill all the necessary places with complete analysis and niche report, With Mightywarners you don't need to worry about it,Our expert team knows how to create valuable space for your brand in digital or in the traditional world.


Reputation Management

You may wonder why or how or what is reputation management, but in today's world, it's matter to maintain online or as well as offline for a businesses and even for individuals.
Reputation management is maintaining your brand image positive in online world to increase sales and revenue
Reputation management is not about maintaining relationships with clients or customers or outer worlds only, but the first out-come is a feedback of your employees or internal executors, We've multiple plans for external world and as well as for internal world like, brain storming, ideation promt, resolution mind approachment sessions etc.
For the business appearance, we have excellent "Online Reputation Management" ORM team, as per report and we guide always guide brands in CRM implementation.
Few points to remember for brand reputation management process:

  • 1. Feedback
  • 2. Resolution and display
  • 3. Charity
  • 4. Allow customer to share the review
  • 5. Hiring special Team
  • 6. No fake images or reviews


Sometimes its pre-business formalities and sometimes it's impactful job before any product launch or business settlement, marketers research and focus on business zones for awareness programs and campaign online and as well as off-line.
Digitally & Traditionally "Online Reputation Management" programs are very interesting, and base impact work for any organisation, you must have strong analytical knowledge, niche reports, market awareness.
Few check points for "BRAND AWARENESS CAMPAIGN"
For the business appearance, we have excellent "Online Reputation Management" ORM team, as per report and we guide always guide brands in CRM implementation.

Few points to remember for brand reputation management process:-
  • 1. Create zone list
  • 2. Select correct area and budget
  • 3. Activate online team
  • 4. Collects lead traditionally by boot camp
  • 5. Start ad with daily circulation
  • 6. Participation in crowd fashion shows or area
  • 7. Book fair as much as you can
  • 8. Focus on E-mail & SMS marketing
  • 9. Contract with Celebrities, business or motivational influencers
  • 10. Affiliate marketing
  • 11. Content marketingg

Remember that creating a brand identity is always depend on brand awareness program and that's why you need "MightyWarners" for professional support



Innovation is out-come of the idea and from a creative mind, always remember that "GOOD IDEA MEANS MORE IDEA", never stop your campaigns after your target completion always use question tag at the last phase with "AND" "AND PROMT" means now what? what is the new thing you use for your business, end your last phase with questions! What's new?
This part has always gotten ignored by marketers and managers, but I always encourage creative minds to focus on it. Never follow the same old tradition and toilet cleaning process.
Think and execute marketing of your brand with a creative idea, it is just like “OLD WINE NEW BOTTLE”.
It is not important to display your product with price from low to high. But you can also share your product as daily life cloths to festive collection, mini to micro etc.



This is something we say "Mighty Act" or amazing part of campaign.
In this section we organize corporate parties, collect business ideas, invite businessmen and industrialists, pay attention to press conferences, but remember you must be reasoning, because time is money, for example.
Annual event, product launching day.
Try to connect with new people on invitation or pay for it, remember that "relationship building" is a very complicated and expensive process, requires a PhD level mind in this campaign to filter audience, relationship, political personalities, negative and positive impact.



Remember that, medication without doctor precaution is harmful.
Always collect all the analytical reports, from PR team, digital marketing and traditional marketing, don't forget to arrange general meeting for report discussion. It will help you to understand "Target, Time, Investment & Duration" (TTID).



Yes, I’m going to repeat this part again.Never ever try to ignore your job or product or name, makes large with every impression. Don’t just catalog your photos, make it impact-full and focus on video promotion and video ad with proper script, hire a copy writer or script writer and show your brand, call PC on your every product launch or with success party.



Sometimes, it is happy & hurray time for the company, if happened to mutual understanding, but sometimes sad and deeply hurt moment, if it is happening due to any surviving reason Well brand merge is not new in business world.

Find out below some biggest brand merge examples
  • 1. Maruti-Suzuki
  • 2. dolce & gabbana
  • 3. Vodafone and Mannesmann
  • 4. Pfizer and Warner-Lambert
  • 5. AT&T and BellSouth
  • 6. Hero & Honda

And many more examples are available,
Brand merge happens due to business sharping reasons or sometimes due crisis in business or due to surviving in business, there are always many reasons, but again, you should have correct pinch and reason for merging if required any kind of support in your business merge process, please don't feel hesitate contact us, we respect privacy.
BRAND Management for a company or firm is not job or chapter mentioned process, you should have peaceful & sharpen mind skill and very excellent & hard-working team.
You should have knowledge about "Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing, CRM, ORM, Designing," etc.
MightyWarner team love to support brand management process, specially our brand management team of Dubai is working with many brands in their promotional online and as well as off. In managing your brand we committed to serve you better traditional & as well as digital.

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