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Creative CRM/ERP Development

As one of the best CRM and ERP development companies in Dubai, UAE Our services include internal and external management of information, financing, manufacturing, sales, and CRM, etc. across an entire organization. ERP systems automate this activity with a unified application. It helps in the flow of information between all business functions within the boundary of the organization and manages connections to external stakeholders.

As the technology evolved and more and more enterprises came into existence with their issues on business processes or flows. Every business wants to develop and deliver flawless services to its customers or customers to achieve the state they need an integrated web-based CRM solution.

The proposed CRM software provides a business enterprise with the ability to create, assign, and manage existing or future customer requests. It provides a type of support to employees as well as customers resulting in overall productivity and work efficiency.

Features of our CRM/ERP developed by our experienced and expert developers

  • Flexibility and scalability to meet the growing needs of your organization.
  • Better insight into the sales team productivity
  • Enhanced customer experience with the company through total process clarity and faster transactions
  • Complete administrative control over the CRM process with system transparenc
  • Automated alerts, emails, and reminders so that no critical calls are missed or delayed
  • SaaS CRM applications could be used from multiple locations and in multiple languages
  • Intuitive futures and customization options especially designed for the sales or customer care personne

Our CRM/ERP Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


CRM Solution Customization

If you have already implemented a CRM solution and you want to adapt it to the specific needs of your company, we can help. Our technical know-how in many operating systems, programming languages, application servers, and database management systems helps us build tailored solutions.


CRM Application Upgrade and Maintenance

If you want to upgrade to a new version or any other CRM application, our team can enable easy transitioning without any loss of data and productivity. We will make the upgrade and test it before applying it to your system to minimize downtime.


End-2-end CRM Application Development

With expertise in custom software development, we can build a feature-rich CRM application for your organization. Our team has experience building CRM applications for BPOs and corporates.


Open Source CRM/ERP Solution Development

Based on your needs we can identify the best open source solution for you and then configure and customize it for your needs. Our team has expertise in building many CRM and ERP solutions.