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Email Design :Easy to understand interface with a simplified email editor and free layouts makes Juvlon the ideal email marketing for private companies.

Tracking and Reports: Monitor your campaign execution with constant answering to comprehend your client's inclinations dependent on email click-throughs.

Contact List Management:Import, control and arrange your email list dependent on subscriber's activity example and access them all day, every day.



  • Authorization-based email marketing stage with spam management devoted IP choices and email authentication for better email deliverability.
  • Using Juvlon's API, make custom combinations with your site or application, add and oversee contact records, clients, campaigns, reports.
  • Our team works on deep behavioral insights.
  • The main motive is to bring precise customer targeting.
  • You don't need to stress over any of the unified advanced digital services that may be required. Mighty Warners offers them all under the rooftop.

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Set Your Goals

Every business has different business goals. Some businesses want more leads and some focus on getting more profit. Before investing your money in email marketing, our team firstly recognizes your business goals. On the other hand, some people want to grow their subscriber list. So we focus on getting knowledge regarding the client's business goals.


Selecting the Email Template/ Building from Scratch

In this step, the emphasis is on deciding which template of email is best for your business. Some people love building the email template from scratch while some select pre-designed email templates. It is merely dependent upon the client's needs. You can consider the email template when you don’t have appropriate resources with you. Don’t panic about fancy email templates. Simple templates grab more attention from the subscribers.


Write Convincing Email Copy

Remember, email copywriting needs deserves appropriate time, focus, and energy. Our team takes care of every minute detail while writing email copy.

  • Check out Name, Subject Line, Preview Text properly
  • Headlines, Body Copy, and should be appropriate.
  • Write the body copy prior, which is followed by a headline then work on CTA.
  • It should connect with the audience.
  • The images used here should provide an appropriate message.

Review, test, and send your email marketing campaign:-

  • Deploy pre-send email checklists as it reduces the chance of sending email campaigns with errors.
  • While performing email marketing, our team always checks for spelling/copy, links, and browser variations.
  • Testing is an important aspect so our team always carries testing by sending emails to team members once for review.
  • We do A/B testing while sending emails which is the best way.
  • Scheduling email is one of our main email marketing tasks.

Measure Results:

  • Tracking what has been accomplished in previous steps is necessary.
  • After scheduling an email, measuring results is the next priority.
  • You don’t have to measure every last metric available to you, but make sure you’re continuously monitoring the same 5 or 6 metrics for each campaign.
  • Some important things to consider while measuring results are Click-through rates, Unsubscribe rates, and Spam complaints.
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An ideal approach to grow an email supporter list is to offer your crowd a motivating force in return for joining to get your messages. On your online media pages, you can put this proposal on your site to get individuals energized to spread the news, and your leads will naturally qualify themselves by picking in

As frequently as possible, without getting irritating. How's that for a dubious answer? In any case, it's actual – you need to send regular messages, yet not so successive that individuals begin withdrawing or, more awful, checking them as spam. Where's the fair compromise? Tragically, it's diverse for every business.

The way to getting supporters to open your messages is by composing a heavenly title without fail. Other than your organization name, that is all they need to help them settle on that brief instant choice when they see your email in their inbox.

Email showcasing is perhaps the best ways for a business to arrive at clients straightforwardly. Consider the big picture. You're not posting something on your site, and trusting individuals will visit it. You're not, in any event, posting something on a web-based media page and trusting fans will see it. You're sending something straightforwardly into every individual's inbox, where they unquestionably will see it! Regardless of whether they don't open it, they'll, in any case, know the title and your organization's name each time you send an email, so you're continually discussing straightforwardly with your crowd.

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