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Overview With Linkdedin

We provide wide range of LinkedIn Marketing.

Okay, my friends, we are going to cover very exciting and demanded online marketing skill,Everyday we receive multiple question & query about the LinkedIn ads cost, or how to create campaigns on LinkedIn?

Just hold your excitement and let us explain, why LinkedIn marketing is at peak?

Why everybody wants help in LinkedIn ads?

Generally LinkedIn is the place of well filtered professionals, leaders, CEO or business owners, means even small number of views from LinkedIn post is more precious, than other social media platform that's why LinkedIn sponsored contents are correct attempt to reach your targeted audience.

Alternatively, before launching your LinkedIn marketing campaign you should have knowledge about your personality type or audience value position and geographical area basically to enjoy LinkedIn 360 degree campaign you first discuss to your developers and integrate the LinkedIn code with your websites or application.

"Remember my friend don't be hurry with LinkedIn campaign, you must verify your resources and technical fields before launching the campaign"

Okay, no more lecture, let's check out some meaningful ads of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Offerings

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Video Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Elevate

Now, we will discuss about the campaign and LinkedIn ad features one by one :-

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Our LinkedIn Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


What is LinkedIn Sponsored Content?

This is simply paid ad campaign of LinkedIn to offer some exciting features that allow you to promote your brand with ads, you can engage highly professionals by your ad as daily feeds, alternatively it will help you to build strong brand awareness and absolute way to generate high quality leads.
Three way to launch your LinkedIn sponsored content !
A:- LinkedIn video ads are best way to engage professionals for couple of minutes, alternatively LinkedIn video ad is very powerful way for brand awareness
B:- LinkedIn Image ads are perfect way for traffic to your website and ideal way for more clicks or shares from professional
C:- LinkedIn Carousel ads are very simple and easy to configure without thinking or complication for daily engagement, all you need proper words and image knowledge.


What is Sponsored InMail ?

LinkedIn sponsored InMail is like no wasting time but direct communication in INBOX, Yes, it will help you to contact with professional directly, and it is the best way to communicate with your targeted audience directly, with your content you must define your goals with your targeted audience and try to engage and optimize your campaign performance


What is LinkedIn video?

Videos are the ultimate source of traffic, engagement and powerful content to hold your targeted audience for a couple of minutes and with the LinkedIn video ad campaign you've all your opportunity to fulfill business requirements like "Leads, Traffic, Brand Awareness. Alternatively LinkedIn video campaign is the best source of accurate customer, perfect area placement of brand, to generate leads you can design your contact form as you want.


What is LinkedIn text ads?

Well, we say, it is a first eye impression of LinkedIn user, who use to sing in in LinkedIn account, you can create your LinkedIn text ad at the top or anywhere in LinkedIn page, by assigning your website link for landing or contact us page, its ultimate source of lead generation and traffic. In text ads you are able to track your conversion, impression, clicks etc, LinkedIn text ads are ultimate source customers landing to correct place.


Mighty words for LinkedIn Sponsored content campaign :-

First arrange a healthy discussion with your tech team, and integrate your site with LinkedIn with conversion code paste and tracking id and analytic tool configuration Sponsored content is best choice for professionals, but we request you follow our tips Must create high quality content with proper word counts Before launching your sponsored content must search your targeted audience profile or page or place and mention details in ad accordingly Remember that, you must sponsor your high definition content in an image ad that urge viewer's to click For sponsored InMail campaign success you must have healthy connection with your network, Proper script for video campaign, perfect speaker, well known personality or someone who know how to explain your product LinkedIn is reach platform of 645+ million users in more than 200 countries around world with many other ad options like "LinkedIn Dynamic ads", where you can display your website or product directly to your targeted audience, or LinkedIn carousel ads or LinkedIn Elevate campaign. May be LinkedIn campaign is completely new to your business or we need more specific discussion on this, why not arrange a friendly discussion over coffee? Waiting for your schedule ! SERVICE BENEFITS Your business can benefit greatly by choosing Mighty Warners

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