Promote your products or services hassle-free with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Solutions

Let your organization engage with prospects and customers directly or at a scale with effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing insights. Basic email marketing isn’t enough to win your prospects and retain your customers. Instead, you need to go beyond it. You need to re-strategize your email marketing plans by adding a touch of personalization to your emails. It’s possible with the Marketing automation in Dynamics 365.

Embark Real-time Customer Journeys With Personalized Solutions

Adding personalization to experiences isn’t by chance, one needs to create it. You can do it effortlessly by availing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing trial. Respond to real-time customer events and interactions with tailored emails and SMS.

Enhance conversion rates and build strong relationships with current clients. Start sending timely and tailored communications based on your audience's behaviour.

Access Through 50+ Email Templates In A No-Code Way

Dynamics 365 Solutions for Marketing offers an easy-to-use editor with 50+ email templates. And the best part is that you don’t require to be code-savvy for customizing it.

Use a combination of components like Clone, reorder blocks, images, dividers and more to smoothly modify the layouts.

Adjust your content blocks, images and other elements for delivering the right messages to your individual customers.

Know The Progress of Your Marketing Campaign With Various Lead Scoring Models

Identify your sales-ready leads in an organised way by using various lead scoring models. Study your site visitors’ buying psychology by picking the essential information from the list of their behavioural data, demographic inputs, etc.

Most of the time you get this data from different web form submissions or by opening their emails. Depending on the importance of each action, assign a score to it. Once you reach this target score, your lead automatically becomes ‘sales ready.’

With Dynamics 365 Marketing app, you can create different lead scoring models based on client interactions, their locations, etc.


Well, the time span for the incorporation of the Microsoft Dynamics marketing solutions depends from client to client. However, the customers estimated time taken by the customers to go live is between 2 to 4 weeks.

The cost of implementing the Dynamics 365 solution in Microsoft completely depends on the number of services you are choosing. The more services you add to your plan, the more will be the cost.

First of all, you need to connect with our technical experts for an in-house assessment. Once we understand your business, we will guide you through the entire process of switching to marketing solutions for MS Dynamics 365.

Initially, go to the MS 365 admin center and navigate to Users and hit on the Active users option. Now, pick the user you wish to assign a license to. Consequently, this will open the settings for that particular user. You just need to choose the licenses and assign them.

Whenever you face any difficulties or issues while using the Dynamics 365 marketing app, you can always seek guidance from Microsoft experts.

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