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Mighty Warners is a professional web development company in Dubai, and we provide excellent news portal development services, implementing new and advanced features. Our professional team of web developers is very creative. The news portal is the most frequently designed website, which brings news from various sources.

The news portal allows publishing news content, publications, press releases, updates, columns, articles and blogs. Our news portal developers and designers provide user-friendly websites that are light in weight, resulting in fast loading, high SEO optimized for high visibility in Google and other search engine rankings.

Our News Portal Features

The news portal provides grants for the distribution of development works, press releases, sections, articles, online magazines, and miscellaneous news items. We design and create innovative websites, best and cutting-edge style routes with Content Management System (CMS). We offer site blueprints directly in order to scrutinize potential book fans in addition to SEO contemplation for high visibility in page rankings.

  • Breaking News in slider
  • Featured news with the help of widgets
  • SEO-friendly URLs, News by city, state, country
  • News by different categories as per the preference
  • Search options for video, audio, image, blog, forums, polls, email subscription, etc.
  • User registration for discussion, blog, and articles
  • Easily-managed admin panel
  • Homepage content builder
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