Here are ten ways in which Website Structure can affect SEO

Here are ten ways in which website structure can Affect

If a website design and structure are good, then SEO conversions improve significantly. In order to get engaged with users, proper website structure plays a vital role. For achieving search excellence, you must know your site structure. Do you know 75% of user judgment about a business’s credibility is dependent on website design? This article showcases the 10 ways website structure can affect SEO.

Here are ten ways in which website structure can Affect

Site Crawlability

The search engine capability for crawling your website content to analyse what is your website related to.Here, the navigation process is done via particular content and subpages for knowing the niche of the website. Try to add the internal links.

URL Structure

URL structure can highly impact SEO.  The good URL structure should be content rich. Efficient URL structures copy logic across your whole website as well as submit an XML sitemap to search engines with all of the most relevant  URLs you want to rank for also helps. Make sure the URL is simple. Don’t make it complex with other parameters.


For website security, HTTPS is used. 

Do you know almost 50% of websites worldwide are deploying HTTPS? If you switch to HTTPS, there are numerous benefits associated with that. 

  • It can provide a better user experience.
  • Safeguarding the  information of the users.
  • Provide you the improved data in Google Analytics.
  • It ensures the PPC campaign effectiveness.

Key Content & Keywords

The basic parts of SEO are good content and keywords. It determines how you build and structure your website. Content and keyword focus on the target audience, competitive topics, and search behavior. The best websites determine they have provided a good user experience by giving high-quality content. Do you know 57% of SEO experts rank content creation and content marketing as the #1 way for driving the best outcomes?

 Internal Linking

Good navigation includes that the users can get from one page to another without any glitches. When your website is pretty large and possesses too many pages, the main thing is with just a few clicks,it should be easily accessible with simple navigation only.

The advantages of internal links for SEO 

  • With the help of internal linking,  search engines find other pages via keyword-rich anchors.
  • It mitigates the page depth.
  • For providing better user experience, Internal linking gives users an easier way to access other content

Duplicate Content

Google stated duplicate content as the spam. It can impact SEO. A unique and high quality content describes how your content can be structured for SEO. For finding and removing the duplicate content. Google search console works effectively. Avoid posting duplicate content on your website.

Speed & Performance

Remember your website structure should favor good user experience. The page speed and slow site, unresponsive pages take time. If a one second delay in page loading speed, then the user can shift to another website. This decreases the page views as well as traffic. Make sure that the IT designers opt the correct mobile design.

Navigation & User Experience

If your website is not built up, then the users can’t interact with you. Do you know? A bad user experience can badly impact SEO. The relevant factors to Google Algorithm are Bounce rate, time spent on website and CTR. If the statistics have a positive experience, that ensures the valid search results. Whereas the negative experience shows Google page is not appropriate for the query.

Core Web Vitals & User Experience

Core web vitals include some relevant factors.

  • How fast does the page load? 
  • How fast is it stable?
  • How fast is it interactive? 

Core web vitals come under Google’s page experience update and even they can impact ranking while optimization. 


Many people are deploying mobile devices. Instead of opening a PC or desktop, they use mobile. So your website should be mobile-friendly. Its structure should be according to mobile viewers. Do you know 57% of users would not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website? So, design your website accordingly. 

The Wrap

For a successful campaign of SEO, the website should be properly structured. This blog was all about 10 Ways Website Structure Can Affect SEO. We hope this works for you. If you face any issues or queries related to this, you can contact us.

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