Top 11 Social Media Metrics To Take Care Of Your Brand

Top 11 Social Media Metrics to take care of your brand_

Seeing all the likes and followers grow on your social media pages is an exciting thing. You think to yourself that you are doing a remarkable job and pat yourself on the back. But sooner or later, reality steps-in. You are not able to see more sign-ups coming on your website. Why is this happening? A simple answer to this is– Your business is not exploiting the social media metrics to reap-out benefits.

But don’t you worry. We are here to make you aware of the Top 11 Social Media Metrics To Take Care Of Your Brand. Let us begin now.

Top 11 Social Media Metrics to take care of your brand_
  1. Audience Growth Rate

Audience Growth Rate lets you estimate the speed by which your viewership is growing on your social media pages. It tells you how quickly you are turning your potential audience into followers.    

There is a simple formula to calculate this: Net New Followers/ Total audience* 100. By this social metrics tracker, you will get the growth rate percentage.

  1. Social Media Conversion Rate

If you want the answer to the question– “how well your campaign is performing among your target audience?” then this is one of the best media metrics to answer that. It shows you the total number of conversions you have made with an offer.

How to calculate the conversion rate? Its formula is Social Media Conversions/ Total conversions*100= Social Media Conversion Rate Percentage.

  1. Bounce Rate

As the name suggests, a bounce rate represents how quickly your audience bounces away from your website without taking any action.

Therefore, if your website’s bounce rate is lower as compared to other social media sites, your website is likely to rank higher on SERPs. This media metric will surely help you in making your website more approachable in one way or another.

  1. Brand Awareness

Today brand awareness is not let alone dependent on knowing your brand’s name. It takes into consideration the shares, @mentions, links, and even the brand’s impressions.

There are many social media analytics tools that can provide you with weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports.

  1. Social Share of Voice (SSoV)

This social media metric gives an insight into what number of people are mentioning your brand’s name either directly or indirectly. That is:

  • “@brand name” (directly)
  • “brand name” (indirectly)

One can say that SSoV acts as a competitive analysis tool. It can advise you about your visibility among your audience.

Formula: Brand mentions+ Competitors mention/ Total mention* 100

  1. Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate, also known as CTR, is a measurer of how frequently your visitors click on the call-to-action link in your website’s post. CTR uses linking to direct your customers to additional content available on your website. Therefore, you should not mix it with other engagement actions such as comments, likes, shares, etc.     

  1. Post Reach

After making your post live over the internet, this social metrics tracker helps you track how many readers have seen it. This actionable social media metric is quite easy to use and understand.

Here is the formula to measure this metric:

Measure post reach/ Total followers* 100

  1. Applause Rate

The applause rate social media metric informs you about the number of acknowledgments your post is receiving. These acknowledgments can be in the form of favorites or likes. The affirmations from your audience’s side mean that your post is valuable to them. Thus, you can keep up the good work. 

  1. Potential Reach

Potential Reach media metric enables you to expand your audience by helping you measure the “real” views. By “real views”, it means who “actually” saw your post during a reporting period. As a social media marketer, you need to take this media metric seriously. Understand that if your followers share your post with their network, then, around 2% to 5% of their followers become your potential reach.

  1. Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

CPC or Cost-Per-Click is the cost you expend per individual click on your sponsored post. Let it be Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you only need to focus on CPC and not on your total spending. This social media metric will grant an insight into your efficient and wasteful investments. You can calculate it by: Total ad spends/ Total measured clicks*100.

  1. Customer Satisfaction (CSat) Score

CSat metrics allow you to identify to what extent people are happy with your product. Customer Satisfaction Score metric is a unique way to understand your customer’s likes and dislikes, what they feel about your brand, how much satisfaction they get from your service, etc.

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Putting your efforts into social media can work wonders for your brand. You only have to keep an eye on these 11 important social media metrics to make your brand perform better. For more such blogs you can subscribe to our website or for digital marketing services you can contact us.

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