Top 51+ Free SEO Tools To Make Your Digital Marketing Easy

Top 51+ Free SEO Tools To Make Your Digital Marketing Easy_

Are you a startup with budget constraints and unable to invest in costly SEO tools? Or are you a content writer/ website developer/ freelance copywriter, etc., who wants to boost the content with zero investment in SEO tools? If yes, then you must keep on reading because today, in this article, we will discuss the Top 51+ Free SEO Tools to Make Your Digital Marketing Easy. But first, let us check out some basics.

What does SEO actually Mean?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a tool that helps the business attract traffic towards a particular website or a web page. It uses specific relevant keywords to make your business website appear on the top of Google’s search engines, thus providing you with a high ranking compared to your rival businesses.

Not only this, SEO also lets your business reach out to the masses who are spread all around the globe, hence proving your visibility. Therefore, using the Free SEO Tools will help you expand your business, thus increasing your brand’s awareness.

Why SEO Tools?

SEO tools are the one that makes you aware of the overall health and success of your website by providing relevant and sufficient data. They also play as a watchdog and alert you by identifying any issues or weaknesses that might hinder your website from ranking and earning visibility in the SERPs. SEO tools are handy and can help you with:

  • WordPress SEO
  • Site speed
  • Rank Checking
  • Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Links
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics

Now you know the meaning of SEO and the need for the tools, so let us start listing down some of the best free SEO tools to make your business grow without wasting any time.

  1. Google Analytics

Nothing can be the best choice to start with, except Google Analytics. It will always be the first to be prioritized when using SEO tools. Google Analytics is an indispensable free SEO checker for all the digital marketers who want to see success for the website.

It provides you with detailed information and data such as location demographics, traffic sources, and the number of website visits.

2. Ahrefs WordPress SEO Plugin

Coming with additional plugins of Twitter plugins and Google Analytics plugins, Ahrefs WordPress SEO Plugin will give you everything from backlink checking, content audits, and various tools to improve your website’s organic traffic.

3. Keyword Explorer

This SEO tool grants you with SERP analysis, 1,000 keyword suggestions, click-through-rate date, and keyword difficulty score. With this one of the best Free SEO Tools, you will get ten free searches per month.

4. GTMetrix

According to Google’s research, around 53% of people get frustrated and wait no longer than 3 seconds to switch to another website if the mobile pages take more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, to keep a check on your page’s loading speed, use this free SEO tool.

5. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is going to provide you with an insight relevant to:

  • Sitemap status
  • Mobile usability
  • Indexation issues
  • Keyword and URL performance and many more

6. Chrome DevTools

Google Chrome DevTools lets you diagnose problems and edits and solve them in real-time.

7. SendPulse

This one of the free SEO tools allows you to configure notifications, SMS messages, and chains of emails according to variables, events, or user action.

8. Local Search Results Checker

With Local Search Results Checker, you can do local searches using Google Maps or Google Search.

9. Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

To test your website’s mobile-friendliness, no other free SEO tool is best other than Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool.

10. SEMrush

For an outstanding free keyword research tool, among other things, SEMrush is best for you.

11. Natural Language API Demo

This reliable free SEO tool determines the sentiment of text with the help of machine learning.

12. Bulk Google Rank Checker

With the help of Bulk Google Rank Checker, you can keep a check on your website’s SERPs.

13. Page Speed Insights

To improve the website’s loading speed, use Google’s Page Speed Insights.

14. Ahref’s SEO Toolbar

With Ahrefs free Chrome or Firefox extension, you can find out SERP details and SEO metrics.

15. SEOquake

With this Chrome extension, you can search for SEO metrics and do an SEO audit.

16. Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive allows you to track traffic on your web pages, and it even tells if your website upgrades or updates.

17. Bulk Domain Availability Checker

To register domains and review domain registration, you can use this free SEO tool.

18. RankMath

With the help of 30 distinct types of improvements and 15 modules, RankMath is the best suit for WordPress.

19. Marketing Miner

For timely reports of competitive analysis, SERP data, tool reports, and ranking, Marketing Miner is the best free SEO tool.

20. Sheet Consolidator

With this Excel Sheet Consolidator tool, you can create workbooks with a table of contents.

21. Varvy

To check if your URL is sticking to Google’s guidelines, you can use Varvy.

22. Siteliner

To maintain a checklist of broken links, duplicate content, and page authority, and get a detailed report of important site information, use Siteliner.

23. SimilarWeb

With the support of SimilarWeb, you can conduct competitor analysis.

24. Yoast SEO

To optimize your WordPress website, you can install Yoast SEO. It will be of great help.

25. LSI Graph

With the aid of LSI Graph, you can leave your rivals behind by conducting keyword searches and keep a check on traffic volume and trends.

26. Wappalyzer

If you want to find out what a given website uses– CRM, advertising networks, CMS, marketing tools, or E-Commerce platforms, then utilize this free SEO tool.

27. BuzzSumo

Are you searching for influencers for a specific topic, or do you want to find content for a given keyword? Using BuzzSumo will make everything easy.

28. SERPSim

SERPSim will let you know how your SERP snippet will look like.

29. Structured Data Testing Tool

To validate any web page’s structured data, you can use this one of the best free SEO tools.

30. Google Trends

To see what is trending worldwide, use Google Trends, which allows you to extend your research even on back dates until 2004.

31. CanIRank

As the name goes, this free SEO tool lets you know if you can rank on SERPs with a given keyword or not.

32. Answer the Public

If it interests you what people are asking online, Answer the Public can be a suitable free SEO tool for you.

33. Keyword Planner

Do you want to know how your keywords are performing in an ad campaign? If yes, then make use of Google’s Keyword Planner.


Having trouble uploading your Google Docs into WordPress? Use and preserve your document’s formatting without excess code.

35. Keyword Shitter

The tool is exactly what it sounds like but not in performance. It loads out the apt keyword, cost per click, keyword volume, and competition data.

36. Backlink Checker

For a particular URL, you can search all the backlinks data with this free SEO tool.

37. Lipperhey

This is another backlink checker with additional keyword tips, free analyses of your website, and SEO analytics.

38. Woorank

With Woorank, you can undoubtedly woo your website’s Google ranking by using this free SEO tool’s insights.

39. Keyworddit

Keyworddit provides you with valuable insights about a particular keyword and its monthly search volume.

40. Mobile-First Index Checker

You can check if your website’s mobile friendliness with this free SEO tool.

41. Moz Local Check Business Listing

To ensure that your company’s information appears correctly on directories, you can use Moz Local Check Business Listing.

42. Mobile SERP Test

Mobile Moxie introduces Mobile SERP Test to examine your local SERPs on multiple mobile devices.

43. Whitespark Google Review Link Generator

Not fond of long links? Use this SEO tool to shorten the link to your website’s page.

44. Scraper

To easily export your data into a spreadsheet from any URL, you can use this free SEO Chrome extension.

45. Google My Business

To list yourself in Google Search and Google Maps to connect with the target audiences, Google My Business is the #1 free SEO tool.

46. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere provide an extensive list of features from competition data, free search volume to CPC.

47. Quick Click Website Audit

This unique bookmarklet style extension links many of the popular SEO tools available online.

48. Data Studio

If you want to create a sharable visualization, then Google Data Studio lets you do this. You can merge data from Google Analytics or Google Search Console or various other sources.

49. Link Redirect Trace

To make sure that you are directing the target audience to a particular web page, you can use Link Redirect Trace to see where they are going.

50. Mozcast

To keep an eye on Google’s search algorithm, you can assuredly rely on Mozcast.

51. Also Asked

With the help of the free SEO tool, Also Asked, you can get an insight into what questions your potential customers are asking in reference to a definite keyword.

52. Exploding Topics

With this free SEO tool, you can uncover and discover hidden topics that are popular, but the audience is not searching them at the given time.

53. SEOlyzer

SEOlyzer provides you with real-time data and page categorization.

To Conclude

In this article, we hope that we were able to provide you with an insight into the top free SEO tools, and you must have found some of these tools useful for your business or website. And if you are a business owner based in Dubai or UAE you can contact Mighty Warner for Digital Marketing Services.


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