5 Amazing Features Expert Ecommerce Web Design Company in Dubai Must Use

Were you looking for a professional eCommerce web design company in Dubai that creates an amazing eCommerce store for you? Well, it’s the most hectic task, especially when you also have the FOMO due to outstanding competitors like, Amazon, etc.

 In this blog post, we’ll reveal the top 5 features that lead to a smooth user experience in eCommerce websites. What’s the best part? Pioneer eCommerce companies in the Middle East like also use them. 

Unveiling the Million Dollar Success Journey of In The Middle East 

Initiated by Jamal Bin Theniyah, the chairman of Emaar Properties, is a thriving eCommerce app in the Middle East. Being a one-stop solution to buy and sell products and services, Noon is gradually creating a camaraderie of satisfied customers. Launched in 2017 to cater for an environment leading to enjoyable shopping experiences, this eCommerce platform never looked back. 

Moreover, Noon initiated services like Noon Daily and NowNow to add up comfort to the lives of their customer’s life. The mission behind the launch of Noon Daily is the hassle-free delivery of groceries to doorsteps. Whereas, the aim of Noon during the launch of NowNow was quite different. NowNow helps customers to order their favourite products or services from nearby stores within minutes. 

Let’s see how this innovative eCommerce platform turned its ideas of offering the best online shopping journey into a reality. Moreover, we will also explore how a professional web design agency in Dubai takes inspiration from those technologies and strategies. 

What Technologies And Strategies From Are Inspirations For A Web Design Company In Dubai?

There is a cornucopia of technologies and marketing strategies that helped Noon win the hearts of its end customers. And the proof is the over 10 million downloads of this eCommerce app from the Google App Store. Enlisted below are the unique technologies this app uses to deliver seamless user experiences that inspire several web designers:

1-Big Query Analytics 

Customers love it when they get results of their shopping queries fast. The developers of the Noon app understand it well. Thus, they use Google’s Big Query Analytics to query streaming data in real-time analytics. Indeed, this feature compels many eCommerce web designers and app developers across the UAE. 

2-Recommendations AI

Image Source: Google LLC 

Understanding consumer psychology is the need of the hour when the competition in the eCommerce industry is increasing every day. Noon delivers personalised recommendations to their customers that fit perfectly with their tastes and preferences. 

3- Interactive Chatbot Integration 

Noon’s User Interface offers engaging chatbot support with real-time experiences. Basically, this eCommerce store segments its customer support chat feature into two stages. One is the pre-purchase stage and the other one is the post-purchase stage. Look how.

  • Pre-purchase stage: For answering the customers’ queries related to offers, promotions, easy instalments, etc. 
  • Post-purchase stage: For handling the requests for returns or product exchanges

4- Seamless Checkout Flow With Multiple Payment Integrations 

Another inspiring feature from Noon that several eCommerce website development agencies in Dubai must integrate is a seamless checkout option. In Noon, it’s a three-step process that needs inputs from the user for the addition of shipping address and payment details. After that, Noon’s AI-integrated system displays the order confirmation pop-up. 

Currently, there are two payment integrations available in Noon. One is through cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American  Express. And the second option is cash on delivery. 

5- Aesthetically Arranged Product Catalogue Pages 

Will you like to visit the pages of an eCommerce website that has shabby product catalogue pages? I am pretty sure, you won’t even have a glance at them. One of the best things about Noon’s website is its visually appealing product pages. With its grid layout and large images, the product list page is efficient and well-organized.

Shortcomings of Noon: An Opportunity for a Savvy Ecommerce Web Design Company In Dubai 

Although has an amazing interface, its website developers are missing out on a few of its drawbacks. Well, they need to work on them. Let’s check out what are the shortcomings of that are an opportunity for other website development companies. 

  •  It still doesn’t support the Paypal Integration into its payment method 
  • The website still loads a bit slower than the expectations that put a bad impression on its SEO 
  • Discounts and Promotions are not clearly visible in the product page lists 
  • They need to work on their cross-browser experiences and user experiences on various screens 

Summing it up:

Undeniably, the eCommerce markets are constantly thriving in the UAE, but one can’t even neglect emerging competition in the industry. The only way to stand out in this competitive world is to offer seamless online shopping experiences. 

Hopefully, the advantages and disadvantages of Noon will inspire several eCommerce businesses in the UAE. Do you also belong to the clan of the eCommerce industry? Make sure that the eCommerce Web Design Company in Dubai you hire is watching out for all the above-discussed points.

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