The Importance of Mobile Responsiveness in Ecommerce Web Design in Dubai

Importance Of Mobile Responsiveness In Ecommerce Web Design In Dubai

During the quarter of 2022, mobile subscriptions have increased by more than 6 billion and are expected to grow further. This figure shows that most consumers choose online websites and apps to shop for things.

So, it is a must for every website to have high mobile responsiveness to meet the needs of the consumers.

Are you running your business in Dubai? And experiencing that a larger percentage of users leave your website without taking any action. Here you are!

This article will cover the importance of mobile responsiveness in e-commerce web design in Dubai.

Let’s dive in and explore in detail!

What is Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Designing that is capable of adapting its content based on the device. For example, if viewed on mobile, it should look as cool as on desktop. And vice versa on the desktop. The mobile user designs created keeping the mobile phone users in mind are usually used in e-commerce web designs.

E-commerce websites include the designing of virtual stores to sell products. So, the responsive design of the e-commerce website makes it look flexible and adjusts to the users’ screen easily.

There are various benefits to designing mobile responsive web designs. Let’s explore a few of them!

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Benefits of Designing Mobile Responsive Website

  • Convenient and Easy to Discover

Nowadays, when anything and everything is discoverable on mobile phones, everyone prefers scrolling through their favorite products on their phones.

That is why:

Mobile users bring more than 55% of the sales to ecommerce websites.

It has become necessary for websites to be always available and responsive. If your website loads speedily and is responsive, there are more chances that you’ll retain the audience for longer.

  • Make Customers Priority!

E-commerce responsive websites are designed to keep customers on priority. Such websites have a positive impact on increasing customer loyalty towards the brand.

With the advancements in technology, customer demand changes and increases day by day. Responsive websites easily implement the change users want to see and customize things accordingly.

Additionally, customers always prefer real-time support and guidance. Online e-commerce websites offer that facility and support customers to keep them returning.

  • Improves SEO

Responsive e-commerce website development also helps increase the website visibility. Like search engines, Google automatically detects highly responsive websites and ranks them higher.

  • High Audience Retention Rate

When your website is easy to discover, and the audience does not have to wait for the website to adapt to the mobile screen, they spend more time on it. It is more likely that they scroll and like more products to buy.

A high audience retention rate is directly linked to more sales and revenue.

  • Adapts Easily On Devices

In this era of technology that is changing almost every day, new devices launch, and users are ready to buy them. But websites are not modified with the same speed. So, websites should be responsive enough to cope with device changes.

Every mobile device has a different screen size and a different layout. Your e-commerce website development should be done in such a way as to adapt to the changed screen immediately.

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How to Get Your E-commerce Web Design Dubai

So, you want to develop a great e-commerce website in Dubai; what next to be done?

Here are a few tips that can help you!

  • Start with A Simple Design

Your idea of the e-commerce website development should be to simplify the user experience. Users should easily be able to switch the screen from desktop to tablet to mobile phone.

  • Keep The Screen Resolution in Mind

You should also consider the screen resolution while designing your responsive e-commerce website. Your design should fit the small as well as the big screens.

  • Test Before You Launch

To avoid user inconvenience, you should test your application before launching it. Check all the features on all screen sizes to have a better idea.

Wrap Up!

This article covers the importance of mobile responsiveness in e-commerce web designs. What are the benefits that you get with e-commerce website development? And the tips you can use to ensure the user’s smooth experience.

If you are in Dubai and want to get your e-commerce website designed, Mighty Warners is a one-stop solution!

Their services until you’re satisfied are the reason behind their success.

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  • What is a responsive website design for mobile?

The design that does not distort whether you access it on your phone, tablet, or laptop is a responsive website design.

  • How much does it cost for someone to build an e-commerce website?

It can vary from website to website. Depending on your website, it can be anywhere between $300 to $10,000.

  • Who is the best e-commerce website designer in Dubai?

Mighty Warners are one of the best service providers in Dubai.

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