Everything about Google Knowledge Graph And How it Works

Everything about Google Knowledge Graph

Google is much more than our imagination. We think of Google only as a search engine and promotion company, which specializes in AdWords PPC. However, it is much more than that. It is the most extensive repository of knowledge, gathering and providing us with a significant amount of data concerning human history, events, animals, and other related topics. So how is this done? This is done with the support of  Google Knowledge Graph. Let us learn more about this.

What is the knowledge graph?

Google’s Knowledge Graph is an enormous online encyclopedia of facts that helps in generating online search results. As of now, it comprises over 5 billion entities and their 500 billion attributes. So how is such an ample amount of knowledge graph database available? The answer is, with the help of various authoritative sources such as Freebase, CIA World Factbook, and the most recognized Wikipedia, Google collects and stores the knowledge and then provides us with it.

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For what Google Knowledge Graph is responsible?      

Google’s Knowledge Graph is accountable for creating those boxes you see in search results when you type in your queries. These queries can be about anything from people, things to places, and Google will present you with those box results. These boxes or panels contain a list of essential pieces of information drawn from the Knowledge Graph. Google Knowledge Graph instantly understands what kind of information you need and then serves you with the exact vital facts.

Now we know what is a Google Knowledge Graph; therefore, let us move forward and learn more about how knowledge graphs work?

How Google Produces Knowledge Panels?

If you think that someone is sitting behind in the back-end and is timely updating all the facts and figures, then you are wrong. All this work of information generation happens automatically. Google includes an automated system that aims to dispense the most appropriate and popular data for an entity in your knowledge panel.

What results does Google Knowledge Graph show in its panels?

Knowledge graph results can vary from person to person, although some common elements are:

  • a summary with title
  • extended description of the subject
  • key facts about the site, person, or characteristics of the thing
  • a picture/s of the person, place, or a thing
  • official websites and social profiles links

Connection Between Knowledge Graph and Search Results

As per HubSpot, around 80% of website traffic begins through Google’s search inquiries. Google sees these queries in the form of data, further generating a series of tests to improve its algorithm. After this, Google aligns your search queries with keywords available in the meta descriptions of unlimited websites. Google mainly tries to relate the website page’s relevance to what you are seeking, ultimately rendering you with appropriate knowledge panels.

All this process, as mentioned above, takes place through Knowledge Graph optimization. This knowledge graph SEO helps Google in understanding what your web page is all about.

Help Google In Building a Knowledge Database

As a blogger and a content marketer, your responsibility is to make the internet a useful place. And for doing this, you need to figure out precisely who your target audience is, how your topic is beneficial for them, and how you will connect with them with the right information through searches.

Considering you are doing all this persistently with reasonable efforts, Google will deliver you with massive traffic.

Why should you Get in Google Knowledge Graph?

The idea behind getting in Google Knowledge Graph is to make sure that SEO keeps helping the AIs in understanding and indexing the content on your websites. This will help you in promoting your business efficiently. 

AIs have always been serving users with customized information. Therefore, when these users search for a keyword, your products or services will highlight.   

Do not think that traditional SEO is not doing its work; it is undoubtedly as efficient as it was earlier. But, with search engine evolution, Google’s functioning is changing. Thus, a business should evolve with time; else, it will lag.

How to Get in Google Knowledge Graph?

Truthfully there is no exact or specific way to appear in Google’s Knowledge Graph. However, there are many ways in which one can optimize and increase their website’s prospects of appearing in it.

Some of them are:

  • creating a Google My Business profile
  • creating social media profiles
  • using structured data markup
  • promoting your content and sharing it widely
  • getting listed on Wikipedia and Wikidata.org
  • building more links
  • creating listings in relevant directories

All these traditional SEO  methods can help you boost the chances of mentioning your content in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Wrapping Up

Google Knowledge Graph is the need of the hour. Solely relying on SEO and other sources for marketing your business’ content will not do any good. Get yourself into this and see the change.

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