People Search Next: New Mobile Search Features Introduced By Google

Google is an automated search platform that internet crawlers come to explore for information. It has been updating and developing sophisticated ways to enhance the user experience. It shared about 80% of the market share which makes Google the best search engine.

So, People Search Next is an addition to searches that include 

  1. People Also Ask, 
  2. People Also Search For, 
  3. Related Searches, 
  4. Refine This Search. 
  5. Near Me Search

The introduction of all these features is to drive customers to return to them for more solutions.  

What Is ‘People Search Next’?

People Search Next is a new Mobile Search feature introduced by Google, not a substitution. It allows the user to find the popular search made by people who are looking for related information. 

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This is an addition to the Search Engine Page Results feature by Google. It is to assist people to find all the popular searches, searched by people on Google. Now it is still the Near Me characteristic but the new trait is to extend to all searches. 

Have a deeper understanding of it through examples. 

When you are looking up any clinic or hospital location on Google. Your current location, the search engine used it to show different clinics or hospitals near you. It allows you to find any health institute nearby. It simplifies the search easily, using the ‘Near Me’ location. 

searching in google

The feature of ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA) gives users extra questions that people are looking up on the internet related to their search. People Also Ask provides questions at the same time short answers. So, above all, it increases organic traffic, increases brand awareness, and visibility. 

People Also Ask
People Also Ask (PAA)

Let us look at the newly introduced People Search Next. People Search Next and Related Searches shows what peoplecrowd is browsing about dental care.

google mobile search
google mobile search
related searching
related searching


Google has come up with a new mobile search feature called- People Search Next to enhance the user experience. Being the largest Search Engine, it has come up with a revolutionised version. It is to assist people to find what they are looking for effortlessly.

Knowing the number of people searching for any kind of information, Google tried to keep updated always. This creates a positive user experience. 

So far, the feature of People Search Next is unable to find yet rather than the Near Me query. Currently, this feature is available in US mobile search only. Once this characteristic is officially approved it will make available to people around the world. 


Google is introducing all these Search features to enhance the searcher’s experience. But the question is will it help? The space consumed by all these features may take away the relevant websites and drive away traffic. This means you may not exactly get the answer you wanted with all these features. We need to keep a tap of the new introduction Google introduce in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). 

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1. What Is People Next Search?

People Next Search is to assist people to access easily and to see a popular search made by people. When you are looking up any information in the search engines it will appear as People Next Search. This feature will work like any other search features like Related search, and People Also Ask.

2. Is People Next Search Launched?

This mobile search is available only in US mobile feature now. Google announced that once it is officially launched it will make available for people around the globe. Also, it will be available in different languages. 

3. Why people Are Worrying About This New Mobile Search?

Internet crawlers are in doubt that this characteristic may take away the relevant website browse for a particular topic. This may drive away the traffic as well as organic search results. 

4. Will It Work Like Other Search Features?

The answer is ‘Yes.’ Like any other search features like People Also Ask, Near Me searches, Refine This Search, Related Searches etc. It is just an extra feature to find relevant searches made by people. 

5. Will People Search Next Help Me?

There is speculation that it might consume too much space with all the mobile search features. It will simply occupy all the space leaving out the relevant information browsed by the user.