Online Reputation Management: Meaning, Need, and Various Strategies For Your Business

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A decade ago, reputation management and PR appeared to be matters of concern only for big businesses. For small ones, all this seemed a little way off as they had little to care when it came to their brand perception. The general opinion was, small businesses are like a one-way alley with consumers having limited room for feedback. But today, this is not the case. Now we live in an era of the audience who are actively participating in providing the businesses with their feedback. They openly express their likes and dislikes. So what does your business need to maintain its reputation in this digital era where 71% of your consumers begin their search journey through Google? Answer– you need Online Reputation Management Services.  

Online Reputation Management_Mighty Warner

Online Reputation Management Definition

Also known as ORM, Online Reputation Management is a multifaceted notion which helps businesses to create and maintain a positive public perception of their business and brands. Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing comprises monitoring reputation, customer feedback, and addressing any content that could possibly harm the business’ reputation. One can say that it is a strategy that prevents and resolves problems that might cause damage to the prestige of the company.   

How Is ORM Different From PR?

Both ORM and PR are responsible for creating and sustaining the positive image of the company in the eyes of the audience. Anyhow, the main difference is seen in how they achieve this goal.  

PR services are somewhat pro-active because it tries to strengthen the brand from the beginning via coordinated media promotional and advertising efforts.  

On the other hand, unlike PR, which works externally, online reputation management is reactive. It includes scanning through and responding to any content from other people or firms, which can possibly damage the business’ image. Another difference between the two is that PR is handled by external agencies.  Unlike ORM, which is managed internally.

Why Should You Manage Your Online Reputation?

At first, you might think a low star rating here or a small negative comment there will not do any harm to your company’s honor. It is true that everyone can make mistakes now or then, right? But, if you remain ignorant for long, these little negative comments and dislikes will begin to take a toll on your business in no time. So one has to do something before these things start to add up quickly. Right?    

Here is when Online Reputation Management Companies step in. They take care of every potential threat your business may face while maintaining transparency, a secret element of brand loyalty.

ORM protects your business from negative comments by addressing them directly and openly through personalized conversations. ORM people get in touch with the customers who are not happy with your business’ services and try to attain feedback and solve their queries. Numerous agencies are catering to Online Reputation Management Services in Dubai which can help you maintain your company’s image.  

Online Reputation Management Strategies Every Business Should Use

With the sheer number of social media available today, online reputation management has become the need of the hour. Your existing and future customers read everything mentioned on social media. Therefore, you need to handle every comment or dislike with caution.

Here’s a list of the best strategies that you can use to manage your brand’s online reputation.

Do not ignore Negative Remarks.

Addressing every negative remark upfront is a strength of every reputable business. Face your customer’s negative reviews and try to figure out why they are unhappy with your business. Responding to every statement made online will make your customers see how well you handle your audience’s problems and doubts. Address their subject matter with confidence and patience.  

Now, this might look like an easy task at first look but, it isn’t. When you will have to jump between one social media to another, to resolve your audience’s issues, it is going to take up a lot of time. Hence you need a support system provided by many firms who give services for Online Reputation Management in Dubai.

Prompt Answers Filled With Empathy.

Nobody likes to wait for long for getting replies to their inquiries or issues they are facing. If your audience is asking you something related to your brand or business, try to reply to them as soon as possible. Prompt replies depict that your business cares for its customers. Try contacting any ORM Agency in Dubai. They will definitely help you out.

Another thing, your responses should also be empathetic. Your audience should feel that your business understands their problems and is sensitive towards them.   

Own Up To Your Mistakes and Apologize

If in any case, your firm gets scrutinized because of any scandal, do not go into a denial mode. It will do more harm than good to your firm’s reputation. Be transparent and honest with your customers and apologize for everything that has happened. This will help you build a strong relationship with your present and future customers. Ensure that the business will try its best to fix all the issues and will deter them from happening in the future. All this will work wonders as genuine apologies tend to diffuse tension among customers.

To Conclude

Online reputation management is an indispensable part of any business today. People are talking about your business on every social media and these talks are both negative and positive. You can’t stop them from doing so. What you can do is that you can manage how your customers perceive your business and your brands. You can put efforts into maintaining your business’ reputation either by yourself or by hiring an agency providing Online Reputation Management in Dubai.  

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