7 Social Media Techniques To Increase Your Website Traffic In 2023

Social Media Techniques

The dream of every social marketer is to drive more traffic through various social media platforms. For either small, medium, or large businesses, social media marketing plays a crucial role in growing your business in Dubai.

About 4.9 billion people are using social media. There is no better way to interact with your potential customers. Social media channels help you to grow your business as well as increases brand awareness. 

Let’s try to understand how social media marketing in Dubai can help your business grow. 

The 7 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Through Social Media 

About 4 out of 5 individuals claim that using social media helps in generating more traffic to your site. Here are some tips you can follow up on to increase the drive to your website. There are-

1. Put A Link Of Your Company In Your Social Media Profile

Promote your business by adding a link to your social media bio. This can garner more traffic to your site. For example, a viewer intrigued by your content looks up to know more about your services. But finds that you need a link about your business, so they leave. 

You don’t want that to happen! Many people use social media, and this is a great way to promote your services by adding a link to them. This makes it easy for potential customers to find you.

2. Ensure To Optimise All Your Social Media Profile

Optimising your profile is a way to get website traffic. People look up to your profile or bio section to know about your business. Allow them to learn more about your brand by optimising with the right keywords. You only share some of your company bios, but using all the right keywords can suffice it. 

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3. Manage Your Social Marketing Strategy

Invest in your social media marketing strategies to drive potential customers. Include your goal, marketing techniques, and targetted audience to increase your ROI.

Making a marketing plan can help you to reach new heights in traffic, customers, and revenues. Through these unique strategies, be the first ones to grab your potential attention.

4. Use Social Media Advertising Techniques

It can take much work for you to get your post on the front page of your followers. Increase organic visibility by using the techniques of social media advertising.

You can increase your brand visibility through advertising. Through this, you can reach out to the targeted audience at the right time. Keep updating on your advertising skills.

5. Be Consistent About Posting

There is only one way to gain more traffic than be consistent with your content posting. Allow your customers to know your services or product by the content you post. It allows them to know what your business is up to by promoting it through social media channels.

Understand that posting your content is not enough. Optimising it by using eye-catching words and using the right keywords suffices.

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6. Make Your Content Easy To Share For Users To Share It

You want your viewers to share your content and attract more viewers to your site. But how can you do it? Make it a link to share it to make it easier for users to share.

For example, a person finds your content using and wants to share it, but there is a ‘no share it option.’ This is a downfall. They will end up leaving your site. With the call to action, you can gain more traffic to your site.

7. Reply To Your Audiences Comments or Mention

Many business owners, small or big, need to catch this. Failing to engage with the audience drives away potential customers. You don’t want to make this blunder. 

Reply to your audience’s messages to show that you are active and available. This can drive more traffic as well as bring more customers. For example, someone reposts your content on Instagram. Let them know your appreciation or reply to them. 


Now, you know exactly what you have to do to increase your site traffic by using social media marketing in Dubai. Integrate SEO to drive your business to the next level to increase brand visibility.


1. What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of marketing used by marketers to promote their services or products. It is to increase visibility, drives traffic, increase sales, and build loyal customers. They use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. 

2. Why is social media marketing effective?

Social media marketing is a way that allows business owners to connect and interact with their potential customers. Marketers are able to connect with audiences on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

3. Can Social Media Marketing Help Businesses?

For marketers, social media platforms play a crucial role. It allows them to get out the word of your business to your audience. More than just exposure, it increases your potential to grow your business and build a relationship with your audiences. 

4. When To Use Social Media Marketing?

Any marketers who want to grow their business and increase traffic should use social media marketing techniques. As a business owner, you can have better engagement with your audience through these platforms. 

5. Can Social Media Marketing Increase Brand Awareness?

Social media marketing is a way to help your viewers become more aware of your brand or services. They learn what your business does and what it provides, resulting in building trust and more sales.  


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