9 Exclusive Real Estate App Development Features For Businesses

real estate app development

If you’re running a real estate business, then knowing about the top-notch real estate app development solutions is extremely essential. And the reason is the ever-growing usability of real estate apps. 

This usability includes everything from finding a property to buying and selling it. Here is where bringing your real estate business into a fully-fledged mobile app is something you can’t afford to miss. 

But have you ever thought about what features to integrate into your real estate app to make it exclusive? No? Well, let’s dive in and have a look at a few of the suggestions. 

Why Do Businesses Need Real Estate App Development Solutions?

Before we share the features of real estate android apps, let’s explore why your business actually needs them. 

As we are prodding our footsteps in a digital world, even the real-estate industry doesn’t lag behind in the race. Even this industry needs impressive android apps for ensuring user engagement to drive the best results. 

Developing a real estate android app for your business will let you level up from your competitors. And will be like a cherry on top if it’s user-friendly and engaging. 

Must-Have Real Estate Mobile App Development Feature That You Shouldn’t Skip 

1- Secure Signup and Login Features for Users 

Secure user signup and login features on any real estate application are extremely essential for a better user experience. You can pick methods like Social media authorization, email, and phone verification. This feature will allow you to offer convenience and flexibility to your app users. 

2- Accessibility of User Profile Creation

Do you know what the best real estate apps must look like? Well, they need to be accessible when creating different user profiles. Specifically, there should be different profiles for a variety of users. 

For instance, the options displayed for the buyer profile must vary from the ones for the agent’s profile. 

3- Cloud-hosted Solution For Listings and Database 

Another essential feature for any real estate app is the property listing feature. And with too much data to integrate, it becomes a priority to manage that big data. Cloud-hosted app solutions for listing and database management are the key. 

Consequently, it will let the4 users rent or sell their property without any hassle. 

4-Simplified Filters To Search Properties Effortlessly

One of the most challenging parts in choosing the part of searching for a property online is to get the one that’s suitable for you. But with simplified filters, this process is just a moon’s walk. So, you can integrate advanced search options into your android app for making the process easier. 

Assort all the categories and filters to ensure hassle-free property searching experiences. 

5- 3D Walkthroughs For Real-time Experiences 

Busy professionals who don’t have time to visit a property love this feature of a virtual property tour. It is just perfect for their real-time experience while searching for a property. These 3D walkthroughs help both the buyers and renters to effortlessly visualize themselves strolling through the spaces of a particular property. What’s interesting? 

All in all, it will enhance the buying experience before actually doing a purchase. 

6- Integrated Maps To Ensure Property’s Credibility 

A real-estate application without a map integration is something impossible to think about. So, make sure you’re adding one in your app for offering relevant information to end-users. Besides helping you in showing the proper locations, these maps will also display the related statistics of the selected properties. 

Ultimately, it will ensure the property’s credibility and allow your users to make a wiser decision. 

7- Intuitive Cost Calculator That Predicts the Estimated Property Cost

Knowing the cost of a property before buying it or getting it on rent is an effective budget management strategy. A cost calculator in a real estate app makes this task easier. Ask your app developers to integrate a custom cost estimation feature for helping the users to know the expected property cost. 

You can make it more customized by adding features like:

  • Initial payment ranges
  • Taxes 
  • Loan interest amount 
  • Loan repayment schedule 

8- Effective Push Notifications To Reach Out to Target Audiences 

A push notification is an old-is-gold marketing technique that won’t go outdated no matter what. Thus, including this powerful feature is an insightful idea for ensuring your app’s success in the long run. 

Reaching out to prospects or sending them industry news becomes a piece of cake with the help of push notifications. 

9- Interactive Calling/Direct Messaging Options To Shoot up the Sales Funnel 

Giving users is just one aspect of shooting up the sales funnel. Firstly, you need to make it easier for them to connect with you. It’s only possible with interactive calling or direct messaging options. 

These options could revolve around direct calling, free-consultation booking, and more. Therefore, whenever a buyer is interested in a particular property, they can always contact the dealer or owner for further information. 


Summing it up:

Real estate app development is the new transformation in the industries of properties that’s definitely going to shoot up the sales funnel. But it’s only possible if you make it customized and specific. This milestone in the app development industry is only achievable if you’ve app development experts at your side. 

Hopefully, the features above gave you a rough idea about what an effective real estate app looks like. So, are you ready for the transformation in the real-estate world by hiring the best real estate app developers? Let’s connect!