How to Create a Website Redefinition Plan that Draws and Converts Visitors

website recreation

Every redesign approach should begin with a crystal-clear vision centred on a change or a challenge to be overcome. The solutions for redesigning that can clearly describe the aim are the most effective.

The objective of a “website redesign” is to improve upon the drawbacks of the previous designs while maintaining the originality of the company’s fundamental idea or topic.


Technically speaking, “website redesign” refers to the process of upgrading your website’s structure, format, navigation, and content. The goal of website design is to boost efficiency and increase visitor conversion.


At least 50% of users come to the conclusion that an organization’s entire brand value depends on the quality of its website. As a result, rising firms use a digital advertising agency in Dubai to rebuild their websites in order to draw in more clients and increase their business. It also has a significant impact on business rebranding activities.


Redesigning your website with the help of expert web design services is just as necessary and important as developing it from scratch. Whether you are developing/pitching a plan or working with a web development and web design company to work it out, we have produced a streamlined guide that will assist you in generating and analysing website revamping. If you take advantage of the option to redesign, you can choose to create a completely new identity or only change the look of the product page.


Factors That Determine Whether a Website Must Be Redesigned

So how do website designers decide whether or not a business website needs to be redesigned? The B2C websites typically last 1.5 to 2.5 years. The reason for such a short lifespan is that site redesigning becomes necessary in the competitive market as design trends shift and technology develops.

However, the time limit may just serve as a baseline depending on the industry. The various elements and questions that we have listed below might determine whether or not your website design needs to be updated.


Does your website still accurately reflect your company’s identity?

  • Is it simple to navigate your website’s design? Is your website’s design one of the best?
  • How usable and responsive is your website?
  • Does your product page design reflect the most recent changes in the market?
  • Any website, including the best portfolio websites and e-commerce websites, can be updated by providing the answers to these straightforward questions.


How to Create a Website Redefinition Plan that Draws and Converts Visitors

Analyze Your KPIs Currently:

measure your KPI
measure your KPI

Before you start designing the homepage of your website, make a list of your existing performance indicators. This ought to provide you a clear picture of the state of your present website and the metrics that the upgrade can raise. Examine your current website’s monthly performance in the following areas: Your website redesign goals will determine the significance and accuracy of each, but it’s a good idea to check each measure before revamping. It is a standard component of the strategy for the majority of design firms in Dubai.

The following details should be taken into account:


  • Recovery time
  • Place and time
  • every page that is indexed
  • The entire page brings in visitors.
  • Incoming connected domains count
  • all fresh posts and administrators
  • the leading figures in rankings, traffic, and performance
  • The quantity of visits, visitors, and special guests

Choose Your Website’s Recreational Objectives:

What is the “purpose” behind redesigning a website? There must be a valid basis for considering remodelling. Well, that hasn’t been done for a very long time. The cause is insufficient on its own. You might not need to change your website’s layout if it currently has a straightforward appearance and a strong audience connection.


Goals for Website Recreation

To create a good website design, identify the reasons behind your website makeover and tie those objectives to observable outcomes. After that, let your team, designer, or organisation know what your goal is. Many of these objectives involve collaboration. For instance, if you want to increase traffic while decreasing bounce rates on your site, you need to boost traffic. For your website, take into account the following information’s intended use:


  • Decrease the bounce rate
  • Strengthen your unique rights
  • It boost all generated sales
  • Improve your fresh leads and recommendations
  • Attract more customers and viewers
  • Boost your present keyword SEO ranking
  • Speed up loading and improve the responsiveness of your website

Rethink branding and the brand’s message:

Although a company’s branding and a website makeover are two entirely distinct things, the digital marketer suggests that branding is one of the crucial elements.


Declare your target audience’s demands, requirements, and particular recommendations clearly before developing a new web page’s design and content. Links are made throughout your website as a result. Your website should make it clear to every new visitor straight away what you are doing, how it will benefit them, and why they should stay on it rather than visiting one of your competitors.

Ask yourself if you plan to change the name and/or language, or if you want it to be the same. What needs to change if you want to make a change? When rebuilding your website, take in mind these adjustments. When developing your company, keep in mind that your website’s exposure needs to be updated and maintained. designing a new logo, style manual, or colour palette? To further your purpose, you ought to apply them for your new website.


For example: altering your brand motto on the website banner design.


Create a new user persona:

redefine your user persona

Do your objectives and content reflect the tastes of the audience? No? Your idea for redesigning your website should then include redefining the user’s character. Not you, according to your website. When a visitor checks out the website design, they simply have two queries. How does this benefit me?


Create minimalist website designs and content that are customer-centric to communicate to your audience and provide the answers to these problems. In order to develop a concept for a website redesign that is centred around your most valuable visitors, you must be able to properly define your target audience.

If you’re the commercial manager of a hotel, for instance, and you’re trying to bring in new business, you might use your google mobile friendly to target five different types of clients: independent businesses, commercial managers, event planners, family vacationers, and couples planners. their marriage celebration

As a business planner, you want to concentrate on a strong CTA on the contact page layout.

  • Protect SEO-optimized Pages:

SEO is crucial for raising your website’s traffic numbers. If no one can locate and visit your site, how can you get a fresh lead, trade, or sale? The following advice will help you build a new website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

  • Maximum search value on pages:

We employ market analysis to identify the pages that are subject to the most internal linking and rivalry, change accepted procedures, and eventually include important industry subjects. You must set up the necessary 301 redirect if you intend to visit these crucial pages that have been optimised for search engines.

  • Plan your 301 redirects:

It’s critical to discuss 301 redirects because they raise the traffic and link expenses related to a certain page. Make a list of the files and 301 redirects (old vs new URLs). Send this form to your agent so they can utilise it properly.

Do some keyword research. Choose the keyword or theme you want to emphasise on each page of your website as you update it. Once you’ve chosen your keywords, use the best SEO pages to optimise the pages of your website. Also think about adding new pages and material to your website that cover niche subjects as well as subjects your present site might not cover. For the content strategy, you should speak with the author of digital content.

  • Identify Your Competitors:

While obsessing over your rivals is not advised, being aware of the similarities might be useful. To create effective website advertisements, first put your website using HubSpot’s free website ranking tool. These diagnostic tools can be used to evaluate the websites of your rivals and identify the strengths and flaws of your candidates.

Next, take a look at the website of a rival and make a list of your favourites and dislikes. These recommendations will assist you in determining whether your website’s layout can be improved. Create a product list outlining areas for improvement and ways to set yourself apart from your rivals after conducting your competitive assessment.

Your site designers need to be fully informed of these preferences.

  • Focus on High Performing Elements:

Renovating is a terrific approach to increase the performance of your website, but many redesign strategies might really hurt you. Existing websites could contain a lot of valuable assets you’ve previously acquired, and if the new design has an impact on those assets, your commercial benefits might be significantly impacted. These assets could consist of things like your website views, mobile-first indexing, and the top or top-ranked content and pages. a page’s average number of inbound links, etc.


For instance, if you remove a page from your site that contains an excessive number of inbound links, you risk losing a lot of SEO points, which affects your page rank (SERP). Because they are not SEO specialists, many web designers choose to overlook these guidelines. Do not be reluctant to offer assistance by alerting them, visiting the website, and supplying titles for the administration or alteration of the site’s important pages. For advice on how to handle this part of web design, speak with the SEO expert on your team.

  • Choose the Right Software:

Choosing the appropriate software to develop and maintain your website is the last (but most crucial) stage in the website redesign process. The software used to develop, produce, and publish websites for public viewing is frequently referred to as a content management system (CMS). There are numerous uses for CMS software.

CMS can assist you in developing a stunning and responsive website design, regardless of whether you own a digital business or are a web developer. The best CMS to use for your company will rely on your needs, including the CMS you are already familiar with and the functionality you require to update your website. Additionally, you can seek advice from local, seasoned web developers on the best content management system.

It’s time to move on to the website development once the redesigning process has been completed with a fail-safe digital content plan. We advise constantly using expert website development services because the responsiveness of your website also depends on the web development. You will unquestionably receive a mobile-friendly website as one of the advantages of using expert services!

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